2010 was a year of challenges and opportunities. Franchisors and franchisees financially took a hit but the strong were using Web 2.0 technologies to regain strength in their industry. The term is used to describe popular technologies invented after the last wave of Internet innovation (1995-2001).

The following is a short list that characterize the Web 2.0 era.

  • A massive connected world – there are over one billion people who have access to the Internet. Web 2.0 software applications rely on there being a vast number of people connected to each other via the Internet.
  • Users are cocreators – We are no longer a generation of just online readers; we are writers and creators. Our creations enhance the services we use.
  • Global but Central – We interact with people all over the world but acting together we create central communities. Individuals and communities have become very influential via the Internet.

IFA (International Franchise Association) will celebrate their 51st convention in Las Vegas this month. IFA is the world’s oldest and largest organization in franchising. It is an old organization that is using new technologies to recruit, organize and engage their members.

The convention has incorporated a new mobile app to enhance attendees experience. The app provides 24/7 access to the  schedule of events, list of speakers and exhibitors, the latest news and best of all tweets! The app can be found here so attendees can build their schedule.

Foursquare Swarm Badge

Foursquare users can checkin to IFA Convention (@MGM Grand) when they arrive. Since I have the foursquare Swam badge I’m hoping there is an opportunity to earn the Super Swarm badge. This badge requires over 249 Foursquare users to checkin to the same location.

TweetUp fun!  This will be the third annual TweetUp held at IFA. The difference this year is the event is recognized by IFA. I am honored to have worked with the new Communications Director, Matthew Haller (aka @Franchising411), Jack Monson (aka @JackMonson) to host a TweetUp at The West Wing Wine Bar at MGM Grand. Register today and remember to use hashtag #ifatwtup when you tweet from the event. http://tweetvite.com/event/ifa

The final brochure of sessions can be found here. I am anxious and prepared for the moderation of the roundtable discussions on social technology. Hopefully you can join me with Jon Carlston, Ken Colburn and BJ Emerson as we discuss:  Beyond Facebook: Reaching Your Audience Where They Live Online on Tuesday, Feb 15th 10:45.

If you need help preparing for IFA using the new technologies, contact me and don’t forget to connect at IFA!