Discovery Day is an opportunity for prospective franchisees to meet the franchise corporate office team. It is a day spent with the team to get a feel for the corporate culture. There may be other departments of the franchise organization supporting franchisees that will be part of the Discovery Day sessions.  For example, COMPUTER EXPLORERS has a Call Center. They are trained professionals that make calls and set appointments for the franchisees. Prospective franchisees have the opportunity to meet the representatives and learn about the process of getting new customers via the service offered as part of the franchise agreement.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS Discovery Day is held at the world headquarters of I.C.E.D. (International Center for Entrepreneurial Development) in northwest Houston. Our administrative offices are on the campus of Northwest Forest on a 100 acre conference center.

By the time a prospective franchisee attends Discovery Day he/she has walked through a well defined process. They have spent hours on the telephone with a COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchise sales representative and with me. We have reviewed the FDD (franchise disclosure document), they have validated information with existing franchisees and mostly likely have studied the franchise satisfaction survey posted by Franchise Business Review.

Many prospects arrive for Discovery Day with their own first impression of the brand due to amount of information that can be found on the internet. A good franchise system has what one of my prospects told me a “good Google reputation.” Prospects that can find information about the corporate team via the brand Website, blogs, Twitter, YouTube and/or Facebook page attend Discovery Day with an understanding of the culture and personalities of the team that will provide support.

I asked one of our Chicago franchisees to share his opinion of the Discovery Day process: