Pam, Lisa and PatTo get customers, especially new customers, you have to make cold calls. Lots of them. This means you have to explain what you do over and over. This means you have to trudge through hours of tedious and repetitive calling and you have to handle some amount of rejection when potential customers either don’t want to listen to what you have to say.

At COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE), we understand that franchises that get up to speed and generate revenue faster are ones that make more cold calls. It is simple math: more calls equals more potential business!

Since few people are born with cold calling skills and hardly any franchise owner really wants to make calls, we realized early in our three decades of experience that using professionally trained marketers in a formal call center dramatically increases the performance of new franchisees.

Trained professionals in our Call Center make calls and appointments for new owners, who often leave their CE training in Houston armed with a list of meetings already set up. The initial franchisee fee includes a full year of calls, and owners can have the center confirm contact information of decision-makers at schools and rec centers, make appointments outright and promote new programs that CE is offering.

Pat Surrec, Director

“It is such an asset to owners,” says Pat Surrec. “Its like hiring a good salesperson right from the beginning who doesn’t need much training and hits the ground running.”

Surrec should know, Pam from her team scheduled 2,000 appointments in less than 2 years for COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees!

She runs the Call Center and says the customer service reps really help new franchisees get a solid start. “I assign each territory to a marketer, who then becomes an extension of their business,” she says. “We correspond with our franchisees daily and get involved in helping them earn new customers. Its a very valuable service for new franchisees.”

For new franchisees, the call center makes several rounds of calls to all schools in the new territory and sets as many one-on-one appointments for the franchisee. This way, the franchisee jumps into personal meetings where they can get started building relationships and working new sales.

The Call Center staffers know the best time to reach key players at schools and day cares. “It is usually easy to get in to talk to a program director,” Surrec says. “We are definitely there to help owners in every way possible, but we don’t want them to have us become a crutch.”

After the first year is up, franchisees retain the Call Center’s services for a modest fee, often far less than adding a sales support staffer in their franchise. Best of all, Franchisees incur charges only when an appointment is made. This way, the call center is motivated to produce results.

In addition to calling new schools, call center staff makes calls to announce new programs, do follow up for trade shows and help franchisees with rounds of follow up and prospecting calls to existing customers.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is very fortunate to have Pat, Pam and Lisa who play a big role in getting customers for our franchisees!