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2011 Tech Trends

I have really enjoyed the last few days of the year with family. Working a little here and there. No surprise that I’m  Tweeting, checking in with Foursquare, posting to Facebook, viewing LinkedIn status updates and now “pinning” thanks to AK Stout and Lisa Johnson who introduced me to pinterest. I think I will soon post a blog “Help me please! I’m addicted to another social media platform!”

Today, I’m thinking about the top tech trends of 2011 and contemplating what will be in store for us in 2012.

Top Tech Trends of 2011

My friend Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich says she believes 2012 will be the year of “integration of all disciplines.” She says:

This is kind of selfish one on my part (because I have a book coming out about it), but integration is going to be crucial next year. Today we talk about mobile, social, marketing, public relations, advertising, direct, email, customer service, and sales as if they’re working in silos. But 2012 is the year it needs to integrate. Customer service can’t do its job without talking to sales. Sales needs the help of public relations. And mobile can’t live without marketing. You’ll see these disciplines all work together, as if they’re in a circle, and not in silos.

What do you think 2012 has in store for social media and tech trends?

Why is it that we are quick to report bad customer service, dissatisfaction with a product or even a movie we saw? We share our opinion with friends, family and sometimes total strangers. Why are we slower to share praise or make recommendations? Word of mouth recommendations from a trusted source proves to be the best influence with decision makers. The digital space we live in today intensifies our reach when making recommendations.

When was the last time you received excellent customer service and posted a thank you on the Facebook business page? Have you purchased a product you are happy with and tweeted a review? Is there a speaker, vendor, or peer that you can promote via LinkedIn? Today we live in one-to-many world of communication. It’s time to take advantage of our social networks and share our experiences both good and bad.

I’m very good at saying thank you with a note or even a gift basket after an event. I do my best to make LinkedIn recommendations as often as possible. This time I decided to try something a little different with my recommendation.


What recommendation will you share and which social platform will you use?

FranCamp Follow Up

We did it! We held the first FranCamp in Nashville last weekend and it was a success! There are so many things that I learned even as one of the presenters.  I promise to share everything in my book: Franchising Goes Social: Franchise Leadership As A Social Geek!

For now, I have the video below that I recorded this morning on UStream with my key take-aways.

Below are some important links to presentations, tweets, and videos that you missed.

FranCamp site: www.fransocialcamp.com

You can find the Tweets:  here

Live recording archived of all the sessions via  UStream:  here

10 Best Twitter Tactics presentation by Jack Monson, Engage 121:  here

Inspire Change, Engage Your System presentation by Deb Evans:  here

Facebook Strategies presentation by AK Stout, Saying It Social:  here

Blogging for Business presented by Thomas Scott:  here

LinkedIn Strategies presentation by Paul Segreto:  here

BlogTalkRadio -” What Happened At FranCamp”  with guests BJ Emerson, Alissa Ramsay, Stephanie Ramirez, Dana Lopez and Lorri Wyndhamhere

An extra bonus is the Facebook eBook provided by AK Stout can be found here

Don’t forget to take the survey (http://fransocialcamp.com/where-is-the-next-francamp/) and vote for the next city that FranCamp travels to.

Sure you can watch the videos from FranCamp. You can view all the presentations and glean lots of great content from the tweets. But in reality you are missing the great discussions and networking from a group of like minded individuals.

Thomas Scott opened the day explaining that the FranCamp committee put the event together so that we could “give the recipe away and provide tactics and strategies that can be used immediately!” A bond was formed and new friendships and business relationships were made.

Please join our circle and register for the next FranCamp, volunteer to be a speaker or sponsor!

Thanks to Lorri Wyndham who pointed out to me that Scott Klososky shared this new LinkedIn feature called In Map.

Here is my map:

LinkedIn Map

You can see that my map is represented by eight colors. I am amazed how accurate LinkedIn has my connections. There are areas that my LinkedIn connections overlap and interesting to explore visually via the map.  I discovered the larger the circle the more that individual is connected to me in that color coded group. I love the zoom feature displaying the details of my connections!

The legend is very helpful to me outlining  what areas in the industry my reach extends to and what areas I may want to concentrate to expand my connections.

Here is a link to my map and from there you can map your own network. What does your LinkedIn network look like?


Speaking Engagement Tips

I have developed a love for sharing what I have learned with others. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social technology platforms have made this easy for me.

Something that doesn’t come naturally is having my picture taken, speaking to a video camera and public speaking. But…it’s getting easier! When I first joined COMPUTER EXPLORERS in the support role the current President forced me step out of my comfort zone. He constantly threw me in front of the video camera and audiences. He knew that I would accept almost any challenge and of course everything gets easier with practice and repetition.

What I’ve learned and would like to share are a few hints that has helped me to connect with my audiences:

  • Know your audience: When I’m asked to speak as a subject matter professional (I don’t like to use the word “expert”) it’s easy to share what I know.  The skills I share are transferable from one franchise brand to the other but I like to have a basic understanding of the audience and their specific challenges. It is important to me to match the content and skills to their needs.
  • Connect with your audience: I like to do as much research as possible about the attendees. This isn’t as difficult as it might seem if you use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. When speaking to a specific organization and/or franchise it’s easy to research the brand and find individuals that are connected. I like to reach out and build as many connections as I can via Twitter and LinkedIn. If there is an organization Facebook page I “like” it.
  • Use video messages: I always ask if the organization I’m speaking to uses a monthly communication tool. Most distribute eNewsletters on a regular basis and can easily share a video message. I often use my flip camera and film a very short introduction clip with my contact information and invite attendees to connect to me prior to my presentation.

Those are my three tips to engaging with your audience. What are yours?

Franchisee Alan Oppenheimer

Is  your brand/company likable? Can  someone follow your brand/organization on LinkedIn?

The new social plugin Facebook button “Like”   allows visitors to make connections to your webpage and share content with their friends on Facebook.

Here is a quick video Facebook did on the new social plugin, click here A blog post by Lauren Indvik “Facebook Like Increases Referral Traffic to Blogs by 50%” can be found here

Test the “Like” button by  visiting the COMPUTER EXPLORERS blog page by clicking here

The new “”Follow Company” button on LinkedIn can be found on the upper right side of the Company Profile.  Once you follow the company you will receive updates of new hires and company profile updates. It is extremely easy to follow a company.

Test it by visiting the COMPUTER EXPLORERS profile   found by clicking here

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is socially PluggedIn are you?