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Three weeks into my launch of Deb Evans Consulting, LLC! Memories of launching my first franchise in 1996  come streaming back. The stress, hard work, roller coaster of emotions and daily challenges.

Launching a new business requires many things. As the weeks turn to months my priorities and strategy will change. For now, I have listed the top 3 things that keep me focused:

  1. Take it slow:  Have a daily plan. I established a business plan,  with goals and objectives when I made the decision to launch my own business. When I walked into my new home office I quickly realized that I needed a daily plan of action.  My business coach suggested that I list 5 things I wanted to accomplish daily. Just 5. No more and no less. Prioritize the 5, then tackle. The list keeps me on track. There have been  days that I completed the list by lunch time and moved on to other tasks or rewarded myself with a personal break. It’s spring in Houston and now I have the luxury to dust off the bike and take a leisure ride. Don’t get me wrong. I exercise each morning by power walking but it has been a real treat to go for an afternoon ride. It’s very easy to hunker down and work from sunup to sundown. That was the corporate me. The new self-employed me wants to enjoy life at a slower pace.
  2. Set realistic expectations: Rome was not built-in a day but I have set revenue goals and objectives that will provide the opportunity for me to take time off to visit friends in Europe later this year. Having realistic expectations and stretch goals give me something to work hard for. I have two major projects I am working on: Developing Peak Performing Franchisees project with Joe Mathews and FranCamp scheduled for May 4th. I came very close to adding a third yesterday and quickly realized that it would not fit into my current routine and would divert my attention from the objectives I established.
  3. Accountability: No longer do I have a corporate team or franchisees to be accountable to. I meet with my business coach, David Handler every other week but I needed accountability partners.  They are Joe Mathews (Founder Franchise Performance Group), Jack Monson (VP, Engage 121) and Thomas Scott (CEO, Brand Journalists).  Joe and I are working closely together via video Skype using Google docs to complete our work on Developing Peak Performing Franchisees. We schedule 90 minute sessions and homework. We are dependent on each other to meet at the scheduled time and complete the work we were assigned. We have a deadline to reach and so far we are right on track to accomplish!

    Video Skype and Google Docs

    Jack, Thomas and I meet via conference calls or Google Hangout to discuss the details of FranCamp. Each of us has different responsibilities to assure FranCamp will be successful.

    So there you are. My top 3 tips for successful business launch. Time and dedication will determine the success.

    What are your tips? Do you have suggestions for me as I move forward?

I am not sure Joe Mathews completely understood what he was getting into when he partnered with me! He was well aware of my social media passion but looked a bit surprised when I told him that we were scheduled for a podcast.

As I explained to Joe, it’s one thing to write about who we are and why we believe our work is important but if we share the information via a podcast we are putting a voice to the message. A podcast allows the audience to hear the inflection of the words. I love that podcasts can be downloaded to any mobile phone, tablet or other devices from anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to reach one-to-many!

So … listen to our broadcast on BlogTalkRadio explaining who we are, why we are so passionate about our book and new educational program.

Soon we will publish videos to share. Just don’t tell Joe!


Link to podcast