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I love technology and I’m always excited when I can share it with the youngest member of our family, my 23 month old grandson Kace!

AJA Digital Media released Farm Joy & Co recently. The app is designed for children ages 3-6 but I just couldn’t resist testing it with our own child prodigy.

Farm & Joy Co app testing

Kace demonstrated that he could follow simple commands –  “show me the horse” and tap the screen to hear what sound the horse makes. He loves to “swipe” the screen to navigate to the next page to explore and discover.

What makes a good educational app?

  • Great visuals (clear and realistic graphics and sounds)
  • Child can launch and navigate easily
  • Child is rewarded
  • Is age and developmentally appropriate
  • Will keep the child occupied, entertained and will educate

The animal puzzles and hidden barn items are a little too difficult for him although he loved clicking and testing it. The matching game was a bit challenging for one his age but he did spend time matching and was excited when he found the cat, dog, apple, etc.  Kace did not move very far up with the levels but I did when I started playing when he was done!

Hidden Pictures

Matching Game

The app is available on iTunes and can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone. It is well worth the $1.99 and I can see where Kace will soon be able to use all the features.

Don’t forget to “like” their Facebook page and see what the other testers share and all the new fun facts that are posted.

Geeky Weekend

Pinterest helped me Geek out Dad’s Day

Retro handset for Smartphone

I hope all the Geeky Dad’s out there enjoyed their day yesterday! We celebrated here quietly since all of our kids are off on an adventure. I purchased this as a gag but when my husband opened it and discovered that it actually works great  he decided it was one of his best gifts ever. Maybe not the best gift but close to it. It really enhances the clarity of the call, allows access to phone features via a button on the inside of the handset and can be used with a tablet when making Skype calls. It is made of silicone so it is quite comfortable to hold. Here is a link to the product sold by Sharpen Image via my pin on Pinterest

It’s in The Cloud 

I’ve been asked where listeners can download the new Social Geek song that we play for our opening and GeekItOut segment. Skyler Fox did a fantastic job putting together a 30 second intro for us and it is becoming popular. I’m sure it will soon be a favorite ring tone for many! Skyler uploaded the song to SoundCloud for easy download and sharing  SocialCloud is a great site that allows you to capture audio and upload to their site, making it accessible for others to download. You can connect with Skyler on LinkedIn but he is best known as @BeefyFunk on Twitter.

Digital Identity

You may not want to throw away those paper business cards but you should consider setting up your digital profile. AK Stout shared this link on Social Geek Radio months ago but I finally decided to GeekItOut and set up my own profile. allows you to set up one address for all your digital profiles. Are you a LinkedIn member, Pin to Pinterest, Tweet and/or have a blog? If so, you can link them all to your own Follr account! There is also a tab allowing documents to be uploaded. My eBook on Social Technology Marketing Strategies for Franchising uploaded in a few short minutes.

Out with the Old in with the New

I designed a new Website this weekend for Deb Evans Consulting. You will find this post on the site. For now I will continue with this blog and I hope you will  visit the new site and consider following. As always, I’m open to suggestions to improve the content and sharing!

Are you a small business owner wanting to build engagement in your community? Do you want to monitor the public opinion of your service or products? Do you use Yelp and all the capabilities as a business owner and/or a Yelper?

If you are not familiar with Yelp, it is a Website that puts people in touch with great local businesses. Whether it’s a boutique, dentist, or a mechanic. Yelp is loaded with reviews from people just like us! By visiting the site shoppers can make informed decisions where to spend their money and time. Yelp was founded in San Francisco in July 2004 and has taken roots across the US and 14 other countries.

Our Social Geek Radio guest last night was Elsa M. who is a Community Manager and Marketing Director for Yelp Baltimore. Elsa is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a former TV reporter and radio host. After 9 years in the news, she searched for a change that was creative, fun and would offer a new challenge. She was introduced to Yelp and became hooked.

Listen to the entire show or download to listen at a later time.

Our interview questions for Elsa and her responses are posted below. She shares some great tips and I now want to become a member of the “Elite Squad”!

What does a Community Manager do?

Answer: Basically, I am the physical embodiment of the Website for Baltimore. I craft a Weekly Yelp highlighting area businesses based on a theme – everything from best burgers in Baltimore to yelpers’ favorite karaoke bars or places to buy perfume. I also include an events calendar, so people know what cool things are going on in the area that week.  I write all of the weeklies based on what yelpers are saying on the site.  I also plan some pretty sweet events each month in an effort to get our more active contributors and Baltimore’s tastemakers out and about.

In addition, I work with business owners and help them use the site and take advantage of the free marketing tools – which are many.  I also develop and execute marketing campaigns to get people out and about more. “Yelp Shops Local,” for instance, was a campaign we did last year encouraging people to shop locally for the holidays.

Who are yelpers and why do they Yelp (i.e. Who writes the reviews on Yelp and how many exist)?

Answer: Yelpers consist of everyday people – well, everyday people 18 and older). They enjoy being in the know and sharing their experiences with local businesses.  By March of this year, Yelp had more than 71 million unique visitors.  Review-wise, there are more than 27 million rich, local reviews, making Yelp the leading local guide for real word-of-mouth.

We’ve seen Yelp mention an “Elite Squad.”  Who are these people and what does it mean?

Answer: Ahh, the Elite Squad!  Glad you asked!  The Elites are really the crème de la crème of yelpers.  Although it’s free to become elite, they actually have to apply to be on the squad.  There’s a national elite council that reviews their application and while there’s no tried and true way to for sure become a part of the squad, they always choose folks who are very thoughtful in their reviews and pride themselves on frequenting local businesses – and of course provide a real name and picture.  I’ve found our elites to be really personable and outgoing, which makes my job easier since I plan special elite parties for them once a month at local businesses.  For the businesses, these parties are a great way to get to their target demo and to show off what makes their business so special.  For the Elites, it’s a great way to discover businesses they may not have previously tried. I’ve had fire-breathing at my events, live bands and DJs, a belly dancer with a sword on her head, a six-foot tall rotating globe, and aerialist… you name it, I’ve done it or plan to do it. The Elites and the businesses both deserve a great time and I’m happy to help facilitate it.

What sets Yelp apart from other review sites?

 Answer:  In a word: integrity. Yelp takes its purpose and its content very seriously, so much in fact that since our launch in 2005, we’ve had something called a review filter in place to weed out fake, shill or malicious reviews. Why? You don’t want some business owner’s entire extended family littering his business page with fake 5-star reviews the same way you wouldn’t want a competing business to have all its employees spam a business listing with negative 1-star reviews.  While we don’t disclose how it works (because that would make it a moot point!) you can think of our filter like the spam filter on your email – every now and again a legitimate email from your mom might get sent to spam, but for the most part it works as intended. Because of that, and the fact that you are getting your reviews from people in the community just like you, makes Yelp a really trusted site… one that 71 million unique visitors turned to on average last quarter: because they trust the site and find it useful.

Q7: And it’s quick, right.  Tell us about the App!

Answer: Yes – Yelp’s mobile app.  Let me tell you: when I get the little alert on my iPhone saying that it’s time to update my Yelp app, I always let out a little squeal because it literally gets better and better.  That’s the truth! We’re on every major device, most notably: iPhone & Android, and also have a great mobile site:  It’s not only a great service to use when you know where you’re going so you can get directions, call the business, make reservations via OpenTable, or check out pictures and reviews so you can decide what to order or buy when you get there, but with functions like “Nearby” you can discover businesses in a new city or when in a jam – like a cobbler or a mechanic.

Recently, we also integrated Yelp Deals on mobile – meaning you can search for deals nearby to see what businesses are offering discounts or savings. It’s one of my favorite ways to discover a new business while saving money!

Is Yelp just for customers or can business take advantage of the site as well?

Answer: Businesses can most definitely take advantage of the site.  In fact, Yelp has a whole suite of free marketing tools for them. – biz.yelp,com  All business owners have to do is visit, type in their business name, and click on “edit business info.”  There will be a little button that they can click indicating that the business is theirs.  From there, you’ll get an automated call at the number on your business listing to verify their identity.  Once that’s done, they will be able to respond both publicly and privately to yelpers’ comments on the site.  Not only that, they can add unlimited pictures to their business listing, provide information about themselves or their business, and get in-depth analytic s about their page’s traffic and more.  Again – all of this is free and can really go a long way in building their relationships with consumers in a personal way.  I love when I see business owners taking control of their pages and getting involved on the site.  It’s like all of a sudden the business listing isn’t just a business, but a person. Yelpers and consumers in general love feel connected.  It’s what keeps people coming back no matter what.

What do you tell businesses when they get a negative review?

Answer: All of my Elite Events are reviewed on a separate event page as well, so I totally how some business owners may feel when they read something that isn’t favorable. Negative reviews are always hard to read, especially when you are putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your dream.  That being said, they can also be very helpful.  Some people get upset when they read that a customer has written something unflattering about their business, but more times than not, those negative reviews offer customers real feelings and thus allow a great window and insight that that business owners wouldn’t normally have.  If you notice a theme with the negative reviews, perhaps it’s something you should revisit.  I had one business tell me that they added noodles with a meatball entree that didn’t have it initially just because yelpers mentioned it on Yelp.  The business owner tried added noodles and now that menu item is now one of the most popular.

Sometimes, though, a negative experience deserves a personal response.  That’s when taking advantage of those free business tools really comes into play again.  You can either respond privately or publically under the review depending on the nature of the review and what you seem fit.

That said, it’s also important to note that if anyone believes a review goes against our Terms of Service, they can flag it where it will go to our customer support team. If they determine that review does violate our TOS, they will remove it and notify that user.

Please tell us which websites/social sites you’d like for people follow.


Elsa was a great guest and we heard the passion she has for her job at Yelp and living in Baltimore. She told us she is excited about discovering everything she possibly can about her community and Yelp gives her the freedom to do just that.

Personally, I look forward to learning more about my own community via the new Yelp app I downloaded. I’m so excited to share my experiences to help promote local businesses via this social technology platform.

Social Geek Radio Guests and Co-Hosts

Wow, 100 Social Geek Radio shows/podcasts under our belt!

Over the last two years Social Geek Radio has aired every Thursday night 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET. We have interviewed great authors, social media gurus, business experts, educators, franchise leaders and geeks! Our shows have been informative, educational and entertaining. We  plan and lay out objectives for each episode but in the world of social technology we have learned to expect the unexpected and just roll with it.

Our podcast platform is BlogTalkRadio. “BlogTalkRadio allows anyone, anywhere the ability to host a live talk radio show online, simply by using a telephone and a computer. BlogTalkRadio’s unique platform, powered by Cinchcast, empowers citizen broadcasters to create and share their original content, their voices and their opinions in a worldwide public forum”. Our shows are archived on the site to listen later as well as published to iTunes.

Last night we unveiled our new music produced by Skyler Fox. He did an awesome job putting together a short 30 second geeky tune that we can use for our opening and our Geek It Out segment. Listen here

What is the value of podcasting?

Social Geek Radio allows us to share with our audience what is new in social technology in various industries. For example, last week we learned how social media marketing is used in the non-profit industry. Our guest, Ashley Rudolph shared the benefits of a non-profit being active on social media, shared blogs to follow, what type of content to post and a full hour of great information! Authors we have interviewed shared  how to create an irresistible and likable brand, (Dave Kerpen)  how to tap the power of location-based marketing (Aaron Strout) or how to tweet an hour a day (Hollis Thomases).

With each podcast we want to provide valuable takeaways for our audience and it never fails that I walk away with new information and tactics I hadn’t considered before. In the Geek It Out segment at the end, AK Stout shares Websites, apps, and great tips to help us become more efficient with our use of social media or sites just to have some fun with. The links are posted on my Social Geek Radio Pinterest board.

Keep It Fun

One of the best things about Social Geek Radio is interacting with our listeners. Whether we are having silly conversations in the chat room or actually live on the air, I enjoy myself. We have set an environment of fun and it’s exactly why I have made the commitment to Thursday nights week after week. Last night we had as many as 16 in the chat room, several on the phone lines, a few in Google Hangout with BJ Emerson and I’m not sure yet how many were listening live via the internet. Each live listener will be sent our very first Social Geek Radio koozie designed by Dana Lopez of Mango Tree Brands!

Social Geek Radio Koozie

To podcast or not to podcast is a personal decision. In my opinion, if you can commit the time, share your own expertise, be willing to promote the show and your guests, ensure there is something of value for the audience, be willing to deal with technology issues and ultimately work hard to have fun….then go for it!

If you need any help, let me know. I’m not an expert but I do have 100 shows done and I certainly have learned a thing or two that I am willing to share.

Memorial Day Meaning

What does Memorial Day mean to you? A day off? Cookouts? Fireworks? Will you attend a community parade to celebrate? Is your flag flying proudly today? Does Memorial Day have a special meaning for you as it does my friend Rachel Parker? Read her blog post today: A Humble “Thank You

Did you know that May is actually National Military Appreciation Month? Both chambers of the U.S. Congress have adopted a resolution calling for Americans to recognize and honor U.S. service members during May’s National Military Appreciation Month.

Memorial Day has a personal meaning to me. Today I will think of my friends and family who currently serve in the Armed Forces for our nation.

They work and train hard for our freedom. It’s their service that allows us to enjoy our day off, cookouts and freedom!

I miss them and words can not describe how proud I am of their dedication and leadership!   

I am so pleased that AK invited Ashley Rudolph to join us for our 99th episode to speak on social media strategies for non-profits. Many of us have family members and very dear friends who have suffered with diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. The Gift of Life and similar organizations guide patients, friends and family through the medical journey and raise funds to support them. It was great to learn from Ashley how the various organizations use social media as part of their awareness and marketing campaign.

Ashley Rudolph Bio

Ashley is a native New Yorker, and a lover of fashion and making a difference. She has a background in Market Research, a Master’s in Global Entrepreneurship. She studied business strategy in France, China, and the US! She is currently a fashion blogger, Chief of Business Development for NYC financial literacy non-profit, and Social Media and Marketing Coordinator of Gift of Life.

The show is embedded above to listen to at your leisure. I have the questions and answers posted below and links to all the wonderful sites Ashley shared with us!

What are the benefits of a non-profit being active on social media? 

Engaging with your community online is crucial! The more channels you use to communicate with your current (and potential) supporters, the greater your chances of converting them into donors, volunteers, and advocates. Being online makes your brand more easily accessible, gives you the opportunity to create meaningful conversation, can be a useful education tool, and can ultimately serve as a powerful fundraising tool.

Where do I start?

First make sure you have a good understanding of your brand and its unique voice, then create a basic social media strategy that outlines your social media goals. Learn the lingo and start reading general social media blogs and those catered to non-profits.

What are your favorite non-profit social media blogs?

I’ve learned a great deal from the following blogs:

Beth Kanter: great social media tips from Beth, an expert in non-profits and tech. She has some great how-to posts and longer, more insightful posts that spur healthy debate.

Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog: I read Katya’s blog for her expertise in integrating viable fundraising strategies into non=profit social media activities. She also featured Gift of Life for our work on Pinterest recently.

Heidi Cohen: Heidi provides information on everything you ever wanted to know about content marketing, which is essential to creating and growing a dynamic online presence!

Social Triggers: Derek provides insight on why people respond to “triggers” online and how you can best use these psychological triggers to create an AWESOME blog. I suggest reading it in its entirety!

How do I determine the right content for my audience on Facebook? On Twitter? Can I make it fun and interesting?

Finding the right content for your audience is really based on trial and error. For me, pictures yield a higher response rate than any other type of post on Facebook. I’ve found success in focusing on creating a true visual experience for my audiences. I always say, the more visually appealing the better!

After I find the right visual, I aim to create a story that captures the community. There’s a huge difference between an update that simply says “Casey needs a bone marrow transplant” versus one that says “Casey is a loving mother and wife. She needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. Here’s how you can help.”

On Twitter, keep it simple. You have 140 characters to make an impact on someone and get them to read your update instead of passively scrolling past it. People are inclined to share information that they find intriguing and/or that they think will benefit someone else. Do you have an arsenal of interesting statistics and/or quotes? Use them on Twitter! Those are invaluable.

What social media networks should a non-profit be active on?

There’s no cut and dry answer for this since different networks will yield different results for everyone. I’d recommend starting off with Facebook and Twitter and really focus on building your brand presence there before you overwhelm yourself by trying to “do too much” social. After you feel comfortable with those, evaluate which of the host of other niche social networks may or may not work best for your organization. A few of my personal favorites are:

Instagram: a photo app that allows you to take great looking photos on the go and share them with the community

Pinterest: an online pinboard. Makes it easy to share the things you love.

JSpace: Jewish online community, think of it as a niche Facebook.

Treatment Diaries: a social network that allows people dealing with similar dieases to connect with each other. Health based orgs can also join the network and serve as resources on the site.

How do I tastefully ask my social media community for donations?

Concentrate on creating compelling content on all networks first. Take the time to forge meaningful connections with your audience and they will be more inclined to support your organization (whether it e through monetary contributions, volunteering, “slactivism”, or hosting special events/fundraisers in your organization’s honor).

Example: A student from St. Bonaventure did a search for “bone marrow” on Twitter, she found the organization I work for, started following us on Twitter, fell in love with our posts, and took the initiative to organize bone marrow drives and a fundraising event for us!

What are some tangible examples of non-profits who are doing great things with social media?

Some of my favorite charities on social media are:

charity: water – On Facebook, they do a good job at sharing compelling visuals, especially of the people who benefit from their work. Supporters can donate their birthdays to the cause and change the cover on their timelines to a charity: water branded cover photo.

Livestrong – their usage of the timeline to really tell the Livestrong story and highlight the progression of the brand is GREAT!

FEED Projects – FEED does an amazing job at using visuals to convey (and/or reiterate) how many meals they’re providing for children around the world suffering from hunger with the sale of each bag in their collection.

Is there a way to measure how effective my social media efforts are?

Absolutely! I’m a huge fan of analytics. It’s extremely important to me to know how well my efforts on social media are working. I use Google Analytics religiously to monitor where our traffic comes from, what pages are most popular on our website, and what “landing pages” are performing well. If you’re not currently using it, Google Analytics is free and you can set it up on any website. I highly recommend using it!

My other favorite social media analytics/management tools are: It allows me to see who our most engaged followers are, it makes suggestions on who to unfollow based on how much you’ve interacted with them, and discover leads by tracking who’s tweeting about our site.

Buffer: I can pre-set which times I’d like all my tweets to go out, drop my content into a queue for publishing, and track how many clicks, RTs, and favorites a tweet received! It’s an easy way to learn if your content is compelling and if it’s not, try another strategy!

Can I integrate my social media efforts into my offline events?

Yes! I’m a big fan of live tweeting at events, posting pictures to Facebook and Twitter during events and even live streaming (try UStream) when appropriate. Ask your audience questions during the event, post thought provoking quotes from speakers, and post meaningful (not mundane) updates.

Focus on re-creating the experience online for people at home. Also, encourage your attendees to engage by having them post to your Facebook page or participate in the conversation on Twitter by using a designated hashtag.

 Do you have any tips for partnering with a brand for a social media promotion?

Most people recommend running promotions to extend your reach and “reward” your community for supporting your brand. I agree with both, but only when done right. Always aim to partner with brands that truly fit your brand image for giveaways and special promotions, so you and the brand BOTH benefit. If you’re an environmental non-profit, think about partnering with an eco-friendly brand for a giveaway.

When you reach out to these brands, try to find a contact person in Marketing or PR. Send them an email explaining what your organization does, what you have in mind for the promotion, why you think their brand is a perfect fit, and some key statistics about your social media community.

Please tell us which websites/social sites you’d like for people follow.

Twitter: @WhatAshleyWears



Non-profit account: @GiftofLife



There is a Cause for Everyone

Personally, after listening meeting Ashley I plan to can increase my activity to create an awareness and raise funds  through the use of social media.

There are SO many organizations and causes to consider. Visit the links that Ashley provided or  “Find a Cause” where you can browse by category or action.

I am an extrovert!

That statement is not a surprise to those that know me and understand that I am energized when I am around other people. Part of my DNA (Deb Needs Attention) is to engage in conversation rather than holed up in an office working quietly alone. I totally enjoy social situations and would choose a large network gathering over a small intimate one-on-one meeting.

When I made the decision to start Deb Evans Consulting, LLC I did so knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are and the challenges I would have working alone.

Strengths or Weaknesses

  • outgoing
  • hard charging
  • risk-taker
  • task-oriented
  •  results-oriented
  •  will make quick, emotional, instinctual, or gut-based decisions
  •  most often speaks pointedly and directly, telling it like it is
  • possess strong opinions and  often closed to any new facts and information

In my opinion the above describes my personality perfectly and the DISC personality test I took confirms it.  I scored as a high “D” (drive) and high “I” (independence) when I took the test.  I believe that all of the above are my strengths but I’m sure there are some that will argue that a few of my personality traits are a weakness.  Joe Mathews, Founder of Franchise Performance Group describes this personality as an “Action Hero” in our book Developing Peak Performing Franchisees. I don’t see myself as Wonder Woman but I can’t deny that I have the traits listed above.

Interact With The World

To compensate for working alone I interact with the world and technology allows me to do that! I can socially interact and have great conversations via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  I use Skype to work with  Joe several times a week  to edit our book and we often use Video Skype when we need to meet face-to-face. Earlier this month I met with franchise friends Kate Groom of Smart Franchise in Australia and Nick Strong from Services Direct in the UK face-to-face via Video Skype to discuss the differences of social media in our countries.

Google Hangout is another favorite technology tool. This week I reached out to Robin Scott, Computer Explorers franchise owner in North Carolina to help me test one of the hangout features. It wasn’t my intention to test the effects  and wear silly hats but we did and it was fun.

One of my weekly tasks is to leave the computer and meet individuals in the community. Earlier in the week I met with a Houston/Dallas Franchise Area Developer of a large franchise chain to discuss franchising, the IFA annual convention and other ways to get him more involved in the association. I LOVE mentoring and I am pleased that since our meeting he is well on his way to becoming a strong IFA member has enrolled in the Certified Franchise Executive program!

Shiny social technology tools will continue to distract me and because of that I won’t become bored working home alone.

Are you an extrovert or introvert and how do you successfully work from home? I’m open to new ideas and suggestions.

Wow, when I was asked yesterday how long Social Geek Radio has been on the air I went blank. One … two… three years, was my reply. How could I forget such an important date?

The very first Social Geek Radio  show launched May 11, 2010! My co-host at the time was the one and only BJ Emerson, VP, Technology for Tasti D-lite and Planet Smoothie.

AK Stout filled BJ’s position in early 2011 and I have enjoyed working with her so much! We have become great online and offline friends in such a short time. She brings so much to Social Geek Radio and continues to push me to think like a Geek. A week doesn’t go by that I don’t learn something new in her #GeekItOut segment! Visit her Pinterest board for Social Geek Radio where she has pinned some of the geekiest sites she has shared on the show:

We are honored that we have loyal listeners like Dana Lopez, Lorri Wyndham, Cyndee Perkins,  Kate Groom (from Australia!), Jay Stout   and BJ Emerson who join us weekly to participate  in the chat, share our tweets and sometimes join us as co-hosts. It’s a thrill that some of our shows have exceeded 10k downloads. Our guests have been some of the industry’s best of the best. We have interviewed very exciting and interesting people who are willing to take time from their busy schedule to share their expertise.

We have BIG plans for Social Geek Radio but we are totally open to ideas, suggestions for guests and what more can we do help you, our audience to become socially geeky!

Please join us. We air each Thursday, 6pm PT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET and which should be 11am Fridays in Australia.

There are many reasons to attend networking events, seminars and conferences.  I always ask myself:  “What’s the ROI. What is the return on my investment (time and financially) to attend”? 

If you are involved in the franchising industry you may be very interested in the event to be held in Atlanta next week called FranCamp.

Below is a quick overview of the presentations for FranCamp. We have strong franchise industry leaders as speakers and/or round-table moderators. The list of attendees is equally impressive. The Goddard School, Learning Express Toys, Mr. Rooter and Nothing Bundt Cakes are a few of the franchisors that are registered to attend. There are several IFA Supplier Forum Members such as Engage121, Fish Consulting and FranNet that will be present.

There are seats still available. Registration can be found

Special thanks to AK Stout and FitDesk for the great door prize donation! If you are not familiar with the FitDesk, watch AK’s review by clicking here.

If you will not be in Atlanta for the event, watch the Twitter stream and tweets #FranCamp. We will do our best to share the information as we hear it live!

I mustn’t forget to mention the TweetUp! Thursday, May 3rd 7pm at the JW Marriott in Buckhead Atlanta! Open to the public so bring a friend and have a great time networking over cocktails.

Every business or brand wants customers that are raving fans and social ambassadors. Some brands create their own social ambassador campaigns by enlisting bloggers or customers with a strong voice. The best social ambassadors are the average customers that sincerely love the product and/or service and willing to share their experience.

Become a social ambassador

Are you the type of person that likes to shout from the roof tops when you find a great product or service? Are you an influencer in your family and community? Do you enjoy blogging, tweeting, posting updates to Facebook or LinkedIn? Are you using the latest social platform, Pinterest? If so, then you can easily become a social ambassador.

Personally, I LOVE to share videos. Not necessarily videos of myself but videos where I am behind the camera sharing a great experience.

Squeeky Clean Service

While at work a few months ago the local Fish Window Cleaning franchise team were working diligently cleaning the second floor windows of our office building. I took notice of their lack of fear of heights and the care they took to get my windows squeaky clean. Personally, I would never venture that high up and I hate cleaning windows! I took the video below and shared on their Facebook page, Tweeted and sent a word of thanks to their corporate team. It took all of 10 minutes of my time to share my great experience and become a Fish Window Cleaning (franchise) social ambassador.  I received a note of thanks for the postings and exchanged emails and tweets with the Fish team.

A little Tasti Love

Another passion is networking and meeting new people in the franchise industry. Last week I had the pleasure meeting Tammy Friedeck at the Houston Social Media Club TweetUp hosted by Michele Price aka @prosperitygal. Tammy recently relocated to Houston to serve as the Communications Coordinator for the Mattress Firm. Tammy and I met for lunch a few days later and I was able to introduce her to Tasti D-lite. I asked if I could film her very first bite and if she didn’t like it, I wouldn’t publish. As you will see below, she did enjoy it and of course the video was Tweeted and posted to the various platforms.   We don’t expect the video to go viral but it does demonstrate how we are social ambassadors for Tasti. Our tweets were re-tweeted by @tastidlite and we received a note of thanks from the Tasti team.

Don’t be that company!

Earlier this month, I attended a wedding of one of my son’s best friends. It was superb! The decorations were beautiful. The food was outrageously delicious. The music was fun and I witnessed my grandson experience “getting down” on the dance floor. At 21 months the kid has some moves! The day after the wedding I sent an email to the wedding coordinator and copied the management team. I thanked them for a job well done and congratulated them on the event.

My next move would have been to post glowing remarks to their Facebook page or maybe blog about the facility. I did not. Why? I never received a response to my email. I know for a fact the email was received by all the recipients and was shared with co-workers. How difficult would it have been to reply to me?

Engaging with customers who could potentially do damage AND could be social ambassadors should be a priority.

Are you a social ambassador? What have your shared recently? I would love to know!

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