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As I have mentioned, I subscribe to Predictable Success blog written by Les McKeown. His blog post: 3 Steps to Writing Your Strategic Plan This Weekend peaked my interest. In fact, I shared the link with the team and we each made a commitment to listen to the 40 minute audio recording and workbook.  I personally downloaded to iTunes and on my ride back and forth to work Les accompanied me. I will admit that at first I was mesmerized by his accent but quickly realized he was sharing very good processes related to strategic planning.

One of our first steps in planning was to outline our KK and KDK. Les explained that the KK is what you “know you know.” The operational activities you do everyday. The KDK is what you “know you don’t know.” For example, customer satisfaction has declined. You know it has declined but you don’t know why.

Each week we worked on the 2011 strategic plan as a team. We implemented many of the suggestions Les outlined and used his worksheets for planning.

In our last newsletter to the franchisees of the year we outlined four major expectations. Each expectation outlined our strategic thinking, tactics and actionable steps.

  • Building and Growing the Brand
  • Fostering Relationships
  • Becoming Stronger and Smarter
  • Staying Innovative

In my letter to the franchisees I said, “trying to grow with the speed of technology is a daunting task, but with the support and enthusiasm of the system I know we will exceed even our own expectations in the coming year.”

In our visit to Blinds.Com Complex, Jay Steinfeld taught us to “experiment without fear.” Watch out 2011! COMPUTER EXPLORERS team is ready to start experimenting.

Experimenting Without Fear

What are your 2011 expectations? Did you work as a team to create them? Have you shared them with your franchise/organization?

Experiment Without Fear


You will often hear the COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate team encourage franchisees to visit one another. We believe it’s vital to business to observe and learn from peers and those that are more experienced.

Everyone on the COMPUTER EXPLORERS team is extremely passionate about our business and anxious to learn more so decided to follow our own advice and visit the Blinds.Com Complex.

I first heard of Blinds.Com, CEO Jay Steinfeld via the Website Not All CEOs Are Jerks His business Blinds.Com is the industry leader in  online window covering sales. I personally met Jay at a local Houston TweetUp and immediately recognized he is a strong leader and started following via social media. This year alone Jay has received the following recognitions: American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year, National Call Center of the Year and most recently the Houston Business Journal ranked Blinds.Com as one of the best places to work!

Jay’s blog “No-Nonsense Boss” is a must read. His September post about core values convinced me I needed to visit his complex with my team. Jay says he has two core values: Improve Continuously and Experiment Without Fear. He believes the success of his business comes from “the drive to want to improve, and in the process, tinker with things, fail, and ultimately find better ways…It’s not about the destination; it’s about the process.”

Jay was a gracious host and we left with new ideas and renewed passion to grow COMPUTER EXPLORERS. We are anxious to “Experiment Without Fear.”

Experiment Without Fear