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FranCamp Follow Up

We did it! We held the first FranCamp in Nashville last weekend and it was a success! There are so many things that I learned even as one of the presenters.  I promise to share everything in my book: Franchising Goes Social: Franchise Leadership As A Social Geek!

For now, I have the video below that I recorded this morning on UStream with my key take-aways.

Below are some important links to presentations, tweets, and videos that you missed.

FranCamp site:

You can find the Tweets:  here

Live recording archived of all the sessions via  UStream:  here

10 Best Twitter Tactics presentation by Jack Monson, Engage 121:  here

Inspire Change, Engage Your System presentation by Deb Evans:  here

Facebook Strategies presentation by AK Stout, Saying It Social:  here

Blogging for Business presented by Thomas Scott:  here

LinkedIn Strategies presentation by Paul Segreto:  here

BlogTalkRadio -” What Happened At FranCamp”  with guests BJ Emerson, Alissa Ramsay, Stephanie Ramirez, Dana Lopez and Lorri Wyndhamhere

An extra bonus is the Facebook eBook provided by AK Stout can be found here

Don’t forget to take the survey ( and vote for the next city that FranCamp travels to.

Sure you can watch the videos from FranCamp. You can view all the presentations and glean lots of great content from the tweets. But in reality you are missing the great discussions and networking from a group of like minded individuals.

Thomas Scott opened the day explaining that the FranCamp committee put the event together so that we could “give the recipe away and provide tactics and strategies that can be used immediately!” A bond was formed and new friendships and business relationships were made.

Please join our circle and register for the next FranCamp, volunteer to be a speaker or sponsor!

Time for FranCamp!

This is it! Ready or not! The first ever  social media  podcamp for the franchise industry is this weekend.   I couldn’t be more excited. Can you tell?

If you are not familiar with the term podcamp, it is a community event for new media enthusiasts and professionals. Those that attend are interested in networking and learning more about blogging, YouTube, social platforms and anyone curious about new media. FranCamp is designed for the franchising industry but also relevant to small business owners.

Things kick off with Social Geek Radio tonight live from Nashville. It will be the first time that AK Stout and I have the opportunity to broadcast from the same location. Of course, this is dependent on the airlines getting us to Nashville on time.

We will test  UStream tonight  and do our best to broadcast from our new FranCamp channel during the weekend events. You can watch live and/or follow AK’s  Twitter bird #FranCamp. Blog posts, photos and videos will be posted during and after the event!

This may be the first but it will not be the last FranCamp event! Stay tuned for announcements of the next locations.

Part of the Team Near or Far

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with Computer Explorers lead curriculum writer, Roz Shafer. She was saying how she felt a little out of touch with the corporate team. Granted, it had only been a few months since her visit for the Computer Explorers annual conference but since she works from home she was feeling a little left out of the daily happenings.

Roz suggested something a little unique. She wanted to use her frequent flyer miles to visit our corporate office in Texas. She believed that if she spent a week “in the office” she would feel more connected. In all honesty, I suggested she use the free miles and take a vacation to Bermuda or some fun place. Roz lives in upstate New York and had just lived through tremendous rain and flooding and said that coming to Texas would be a vacation!

We laid out a plan of work for the week she would be here. We were pleased that she could arrive on the  weekend to enjoy the sunshine, heat and humidity that she was missing. As with all well thought out plans, execution can only happen with no interferences.

Texas is experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. That was until Roz arrived. For some unknown reason, we received rain! Not enough to take us out of our drought but certainly enough to interfere with a trip to the beach or time to enjoy the pool. There went the weekend plans but Roz rolled with the weather and enjoyed what little sunshine there was.

On Monday our plan included a strategic meeting with Cyndee Perkins, Curriculum and Program Development Director to discuss curriculum projections. Interference number 2: Cyndee called in sick! In the seven years I have worked with Cyndee she has never taken a sick day. As much as Cyndee wanted to be here she was just too sick to come into the office for two days.

Roz, Cyndee, Kris, Lorri, Deb and Kathy at team meeting

Roz didn’t lack work. She brought her curriculum units with her since her plan was to work from the CE corporate office vs working from home.  Monday, 8am started with a curriculum 911 issue from the field. Roz was able to step right in and resolve the situation. It took her two full days due to the amount of work but she completed it by hunkering down into an empty office near the Computer Explorers team. She conveniently walked back and forth to talk to the team as needed.  She was also able to attend our weekly staff meeting in person and we accomplished a great deal as a team.

Roz wanted to feel, hear, see and be part of the daily activity of the corporate team. Suffice it to say, she accomplished that goal. She worked hard and left with a understanding of what our day-to-day activities involved. When it was time to leave we were sad but Roz was more than happy to return to her home office! She had a week of the corporate life. She said it was fun for a short time but she looked forward to returning home to own routines and schedules.

She continues to attend our weekly staff meetings but does so via video Skype!  She says she still has frequent flyer miles to use so we expect another visit when winter hits upstate New York.