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I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions. What I do is change bad habits and add new (good) ones.

Last year I read a blog post by Julien Smith, co-author of Trust Agents. His 2010 resolution was to read a book a week and he outlined why and how. Great idea but not something I thought I could dedicate the time or the energy to do.

This year, Julien posted that he actually accomplished his goal and decided to continue reading a book a week in 2011.

You can find the link to his post here. He outlines a very simple plan to follow. There are  114 responses with additional helpful tips should you decide to take the challenge. Personally, I will never make it but I decided that it is at least worth trying. To my surprise I finished my first book in a week!

Content Rules

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman was a great book to pick for my first week of reading. One of the hardest things to do is to continually produce good content that will engage your audience. Ann and C.C. outline easy to implement strategies on how to “speak human and break some rules.” According to Ann and C.C.  you are allowed to start sentences with and, but, so and because! They also say that “every piece of content you create doesn’t have to be perfectly crafted, nicely argued, or well said.” I love these folks! The book is loaded with great deal of useful information and don’t forget to connect to them on Twitter @thecontentrules and on Facebook.

Some  say that I set a new resolution to read a book a week. I say, I started a good habit that might be hard to break. Either way I highly encourage anyone wanting to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, or webinars to read Content Rules.

Blog lesson #2: Make a list of topics to discuss and mark the calendar as a reminder to update!

I have very fond members of the Labor Day weekends spent in New Jersey while raising my kids. We lived in a very close knit community Lake Pine where families participated in Lake Pine weekend (Labor Day weekend). The weekend events began on Friday evening when the adults gathered at South Beach (one of three beaches in Lake Pine) for a cookout followed by canoe races. Early Saturday morning residents met at the Club House for the 5k race. Local high school students and avid runners of South Jersey participated in the race. In the afternoon there were final construction details to floats and puppet show practice. The club house and grounds were set up for preparations of the big Lake Pine Day carnival and auction followed by the Parade and Puppet Show. On Sunday morning families young and old met on South Beach where children competed in sand castle contests working in teams to build the biggest and most creative sand castle. They were divided in age groups and everyone walked away with a ribbon. After a small break we moved to Main Beach for the peanut scrabble (children under 5 raced to gather the most peanuts tossed in the lake) and swimming competitions for children of all ages. At 10am Labor Day there was a parade. Fire trucks from several communities, classic cars, neighborhood floats started the parade and spectators followed to the Lake Pine club house for an auction, bake sales, carnival games and lots of fun.

Lake Pine was a wonderful community to live. The Labor Day weekend was just one weekend out of the year where everyone worked together for the greater good of the community. This particular event took a year of planning and many volunteers for success.

One of the reasons I have found social networking so rewording is because it has opened a door of an on-line community with new friendships and a sense of belonging. Communities like Lake Pine exist everywhere and the number of social communities in our cyber world is endless. If you are new to social communities and want to learn more about using social networks to benefit your life and business I highly recommend that you read Trust Agents, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. Take a minute to visit the video blog of Sarah Robinson to learn more about Trust Agents. She suggests you race to your local book store or Amazon and get a copy as quickly as possible. She convinced me and I encourage you to do the same.