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Geeky Weekend

Pinterest helped me Geek out Dad’s Day

Retro handset for Smartphone

I hope all the Geeky Dad’s out there enjoyed their day yesterday! We celebrated here quietly since all of our kids are off on an adventure. I purchased this as a gag but when my husband opened it and discovered that it actually works great  he decided it was one of his best gifts ever. Maybe not the best gift but close to it. It really enhances the clarity of the call, allows access to phone features via a button on the inside of the handset and can be used with a tablet when making Skype calls. It is made of silicone so it is quite comfortable to hold. Here is a link to the product sold by Sharpen Image via my pin on Pinterest

It’s in The Cloud 

I’ve been asked where listeners can download the new Social Geek song that we play for our opening and GeekItOut segment. Skyler Fox did a fantastic job putting together a 30 second intro for us and it is becoming popular. I’m sure it will soon be a favorite ring tone for many! Skyler uploaded the song to SoundCloud for easy download and sharing http://bit.ly/JVqz07  SocialCloud is a great site that allows you to capture audio and upload to their site, making it accessible for others to download. You can connect with Skyler on LinkedIn but he is best known as @BeefyFunk on Twitter.

Digital Identity

You may not want to throw away those paper business cards but you should consider setting up your digital profile. AK Stout shared this link on Social Geek Radio months ago but I finally decided to GeekItOut and set up my own profile. Follr.com allows you to set up one address for all your digital profiles. Are you a LinkedIn member, Pin to Pinterest, Tweet and/or have a blog? If so, you can link them all to your own Follr account! There is also a tab allowing documents to be uploaded. My eBook on Social Technology Marketing Strategies for Franchising uploaded in a few short minutes.

Out with the Old in with the New

I designed a new Website this weekend for Deb Evans Consulting. You will find this post on the site. For now I will continue with this blog and I hope you will  visit the new site www.debevansconsulting.com and consider following. As always, I’m open to suggestions to improve the content and sharing!

Social Geek Radio Guests and Co-Hosts

Wow, 100 Social Geek Radio shows/podcasts under our belt!

Over the last two years Social Geek Radio has aired every Thursday night 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET. We have interviewed great authors, social media gurus, business experts, educators, franchise leaders and geeks! Our shows have been informative, educational and entertaining. We  plan and lay out objectives for each episode but in the world of social technology we have learned to expect the unexpected and just roll with it.

Our podcast platform is BlogTalkRadio. “BlogTalkRadio allows anyone, anywhere the ability to host a live talk radio show online, simply by using a telephone and a computer. BlogTalkRadio’s unique platform, powered by Cinchcast, empowers citizen broadcasters to create and share their original content, their voices and their opinions in a worldwide public forum”. Our shows are archived on the site to listen later as well as published to iTunes.

Last night we unveiled our new music produced by Skyler Fox. He did an awesome job putting together a short 30 second geeky tune that we can use for our opening and our Geek It Out segment. Listen here

What is the value of podcasting?

Social Geek Radio allows us to share with our audience what is new in social technology in various industries. For example, last week we learned how social media marketing is used in the non-profit industry. Our guest, Ashley Rudolph shared the benefits of a non-profit being active on social media, shared blogs to follow, what type of content to post and a full hour of great information! Authors we have interviewed shared  how to create an irresistible and likable brand, (Dave Kerpen)  how to tap the power of location-based marketing (Aaron Strout) or how to tweet an hour a day (Hollis Thomases).

With each podcast we want to provide valuable takeaways for our audience and it never fails that I walk away with new information and tactics I hadn’t considered before. In the Geek It Out segment at the end, AK Stout shares Websites, apps, and great tips to help us become more efficient with our use of social media or sites just to have some fun with. The links are posted on my Social Geek Radio Pinterest board.

Keep It Fun

One of the best things about Social Geek Radio is interacting with our listeners. Whether we are having silly conversations in the chat room or actually live on the air, I enjoy myself. We have set an environment of fun and it’s exactly why I have made the commitment to Thursday nights week after week. Last night we had as many as 16 in the chat room, several on the phone lines, a few in Google Hangout with BJ Emerson and I’m not sure yet how many were listening live via the internet. Each live listener will be sent our very first Social Geek Radio koozie designed by Dana Lopez of Mango Tree Brands!

Social Geek Radio Koozie

To podcast or not to podcast is a personal decision. In my opinion, if you can commit the time, share your own expertise, be willing to promote the show and your guests, ensure there is something of value for the audience, be willing to deal with technology issues and ultimately work hard to have fun….then go for it!

If you need any help, let me know. I’m not an expert but I do have 100 shows done and I certainly have learned a thing or two that I am willing to share.

Inside Computer Explorers

Inside Computer Explorers Weekly Hosts

Inside Computer Explorers is our new BlogTalkRadio show representing the brand. The show  airs each Thursday, 8am Pacific/10am Central/11am Eastern. It will be hosted by Cyndee Perkins, Curriculum and Program Development Director; Lorri Wyndham, Computer Explorers Operations Manager and Me!

In a recent communication to the Computer Explorers franchisees Lorri explained that Inside Computer Explorers “will not become an extension of Deb’s Social Geek Radio show. As much as I like her show; we need ours to be different. Each week we will discuss current topics and trends in technology education. This show is a natural extension of our newsletters.

If you are interested in becoming a guest please contact us. We are also interested in your feedback and suggestions for topics.

We are very excited to give you a peek  Inside Computer Explorers weekly.  Please connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and now on  Google+.

Growing up as a kid I was never characterized as a geek or risk taker. Today with the use of social technology I’m learning and growing into those characterizations.

Last night was the first episode of Social Geek Radio with my co-host BJ Emerson. Starting an internet radio show was not only a risk but I found that I needed to dig a little deep to find my geek to pull it off.

Multi-tasking has always been something I do well. Any mom with kids totally understands where I’m coming from. Any leader and/or manager gets it too. Multi-tasking for me hit a new level monitoring and helping to manage the show. For example: I had two computers set up. My laptop was running tweetdeck so I could monitor and engage in conversations regarding the show in real time. I had a desktop computer set up with the blogtalkradio link. It displayed the callers, chat feature and a running clock of how much time we had left for the show. I was using my cell phone to call in (we don’t own a land line) and was pushed a little too far when my good friend and team member wanted to test my geekiness by sending me a blackberry message. I ignored that message since she was also direct messaging me on Twitter. Good try Lorri and maybe next week I will surprise you with a reply.

Things I learned that work:

  • With a co-host it’s easier to screen callers while the other host keeps the show going. At first it was a bit freaky having BJ pop in and out but monitoring his “microphone” icon I could tell when he was mute and when he returned with the caller.
  • Chatting with listeners on the call via the whisper feature is pretty cool. I received some great helpful tips from listeners that we will add for the show next week.
  • Knowing who is tuned into the show via Twitter is encouraging. Especially when they are posting very positive tweets!
  • Allowing callers to ask questions live is risky but I think the unscripted participation can be interesting. Neither BJ nor I knew our caller Chris Adams from Connecticut but thoroughly enjoyed his interest and participation!
  • Constructive criticism is welcomed but I will admit that watching the tweets after the show is a little nerve wracking.

Things I learned from my mistakes:

  • You can’t submit your podcast to iTunes until after the first episode. Duh! Hopefully it’s uploading properly and can be found.
  • The recording continues as long as you are connected to blogtalkradio. I thought that once the clock ran out that the recording would stop. Not the case!  SO…we need to work on our closure and actually disconnect and take our discussion off line.
  • Yes, I like to talk but if I don’t breath and stop talking over BJ then I will find myself alone weekly.

If you listened and want to send me your feedback I would greatly appreciate it!

Social Geek Radio

We all know social media is  about engagement. Like most of you I started using social media several years ago with LinkedIn. I securely held the position of President of COMPUTER EXPLORERS so I didn’t establish an account to search for a job. My goal was to develop relationships with peers in the franchise industry and help to build brand awareness of COMPUTER EXPLORERS. I wanted to leverage relationships with people I had worked with previously, friends, former customers and of course to build new connections.

In December 2008 I was convinced that I needed to join Twitter and spend time listening and learning. I listened until March 2009 and started tweeting like a fiend. By the end of the month I had 62 followers. According to http://www.twitterholic.com I had 922 followers by August 2009. Once again my goal was to make new connections and leverage relationships.

It was natural for my next steps to develop a Facebook page, Flickr, Digg and Delicious accounts and then of course start blogging!

Over the last year I have been fortunate to appear on The Franchise Show with Jeff D’Arcy and again with Rieva. I did an interview on The Business Makers Show with Esther Steinfeld and most recently did a BlogTalkRadio show with host Paul Segreto.

Just when I thought I couldn’t add another tool to my social media strategy I’ve decide it’s time to co-host a new online radio show, Social Geek Radio! BlogTalkRadio is a social network application allowing people to easily host their own online radio show. I’m honored that my co-host will be BJ Emerson, Social Technology Officer for Tasti D-Lite.

Our first episode is scheduled for Thursday May 13th 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET. You can find more information on www.socialgeekradio.com or www.blogtalkradio.com/socialgeekradio. BJ and I plan to share our tips on social media and at the end of each show BJ will share “When in Doubt Geek it Out!”

We hope you can join us!