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CE Attends ISTE

The annual ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) started off on a inspirational note this year!

Here are some Tweets from Cyndee Perkins, Director of Curriculum and Program Development and I today:

  •  Qualified, engaging teachers will build a core of students capable of computing and creating innovative tools: S. Rainwater
  • The emotional stability of the home is the greatest predictor of school success.
  • If you want to design an optimum learning environment based on How the brain works, you would NOT have a classroom
  • Dr. Medina (Keynote) – “Every brain is wired differently and learns differently!”
  • Dr. Medina (Keynote) – “Human learning occurs in the alleyways and boulevards – why do we put kids in classrooms?”
  •  Sitting in session www.Tammyworcester.com where her handout of top 20 web tools is posted.
  •  Online collaborative learning needs a pedagogical change … no more “sit and get” … use interactive discourse via Twitter and Facebook.
  •   Session on Education 3.0 (Buzzword, Fad or Salvation) starting with”Wizard of Oz” music! Love the presenter’s sense of humor!
  •  Best quote of the day “plant content on your kids device” by Lucy Gray
  • High Techpectations http://www.lucygray.org/
  •  Mobile learning and mobile media definitely technology education trend this year!
  •  Follow #edapp for tweets on educational apps
  • The future is in the “cloud”
  •  Beyond literacy to information fluency in the age of InfoWhelm!
  • 5 A’s of information fluency -ask, acquire, analyze, assess and apply
We had a full day and will be back tomorrow to unlock our potential!  Come along with us by following our Tweets  with the hashtag #CEatISTE

Stories Via Video

What did you do in 2010 to promote your brand/organization? What do you plan to do next year to generate enthusiasm?

I believe we are good at creating videos to generate excitement and promote COMPUTER EXPLORERS.  Our intent is to tell a story. Sometimes our videos share a serious message about who we are and what we do.  For example, Cyndee Perkins created What ISTE Does For You … and What You Can Do For ISTE introducing the corporate ISTE team and their goals in the organization.

Other times we tell our story with humor.

In February, 2010 we won the video contest held at the annual International Franchise Association convention. We were charged to tell the story of COMPUTER EXPLORERS that would educate and entertain.

The COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate team is very creative. We can smile, relax and have a lot of fun creating videos. But without our corporate video producer, Bryan Kersten we would never have a chance of creating killer videos.

What’s your story and is it told via video?

Are You A Digital Citizen?

I have returned to the office and trying to process everything I just learned at the International Society for Technology (ISTE) conference in Denver. My mind keeps wondering back to the dancing robot in the Exhibit Hall and contemplating how I can add that program to our offerings!

Three full days of sessions discussing our digital world and the responsibilities of the education industry was enlightening. I was fortunate that my daughter from NJ met me in Denver and my evenings were spent as a tourist. At this point I am totally exhilarated and exhausted.

Off the top of my head here are a few of major take a ways from the conference:

  • Traditional literacy has changed
  • We are a digital nation – is everyone literate?
  • As a nation we have the responsibility to raise digital children
  • Twitter can be used to develop the 21st century fluencies of a digital citizen
    • Solution Fluency, Information Fluency, Creativity Fluency, Media Fluency
  • There are related workplace issues when schools do not prepare students to compete in the new global economy
  • We need to inspire our students and empower our teachers

I love attending educational conferences and especially tech ed conferences where the use of technology is everywhere! Attendees were tweeting sessions using #ISTE10 quoting speakers and sharing what they were learning. ISTE has the world’s largest ed-tech exhibit keeping over 13k educators entertained with exhibits and presentations. There were simulcasts, webcasts and rebroadcasts of the content throughout the Convention Center. If you were unable to attend the conference educators could visit www.istevision.org. There was a Social Butterfly Lounge featuring the ISTE Connects blogspot and mini crash courses in social media. The “Bloggers Café featured blogging events and a live webcam. The Special Focus Playgrounds were well attended and coordinated by various school districts and organizations. Rebecca and Ross Parrent, COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees in Denver hosted The Robotics Arena featuring Denver area K-12 students displaying and demonstrating their robotics programs.

I have a few photos here on my Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/debevansce/sets/72157624402642562

It’s time to acknowledge that technology does exist and it needs immediate attention in our education system. Businesses can lead the younger generation by example, provide guidance and appropriately use technology to the fullest capabilities as digital citizens.

We always had focus but with the help of our business partners (Arment Dietrich and GMLV/St. Jacques) COMPUTER EXPLORERS is ready to share our focus with the education community.

Our true value statement: COMPUTER EXPLORERS will leverage technology to reinforce and develop core academic skills while also developing collaboration, creativity, and problem solving skills in COMPUTER EXPLORERS’s fun, engaging and proprietary curriculum as the highest and best use of a child’s social time.

Our core messages:

  • Our product is core to children’s education
  • We are experts and opinion leaders
  • Our services are precise and relevant

Now it’s time for COMPUTER EXPLORERS to engage the education community. On a national level the COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate team will work closely with several education associations. One of our strongest partnerships is with International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  COMPUTER EXPLORERS has been an ISTE 100 Corp member for several years. Recently, I accepted a two-year position with ISTE Awards & Recognition Committee. Every year during the ISTE annual conference the committee recognizes  individuals for their achievements in the field of educational technology. On a local level COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees are excited to become members and join me and other COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate team members at the ISTE annual conference in June.

I hope that you can help COMPUTER EXPLORERS become known in the education community. Do you have a friend or family member involved with education? Do you know someone who seeks a stronger technology education purpose for their child? If so, please have them contact me (devans@iced.net) or one of our franchisees found on our website www.computerexplorers.com

We are focused to leverage technology in the education community but could always use help from our friends!