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Do you flip?

I just finished reading John C. Maxwell‘s book “Everyone Communicates Few Connect.”  The book was suggested to me by friend, BJ Emerson as we prepare to connect with our audience of Social Geek Radio. Maxwell outlines that we shouldn’t just talk we should connect. He provides basic principles if you want to connect one-on-one, with an audience or in a group setting.

One of my favorite chapters is – Connecting Goes Beyond Words. Here is a blurb from the book describing how a breakdown would occur:

  • Something I know but do not feel, my communication is dispassionate.
  • Something I know but do not do, my communication is theoretical.
  • Something I feel but do not do, my communication is hypocritical.

After finishing the book I started thinking about how I communicate and connect with friends, family and franchisees. Since we live in a visual age spending countless hours looking at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, reading email  I realized that I often communicate making it a visual experience. I love posting YouTube videos on Facebook wishing someone a Happy Birthday. I send video messages to franchisees who are not feeling well or just need to know I’m thinking of them. I communicate where I am via foursquare and post videos of my experiences on Facebook using my flip camera. I promote and connect with my tweets. Believe it or not I also use an old school tool and actually telephone (via cell phone of course) just to say hello for no reason at all.

It’s no surprise that I like to communicate but my goal is to actually connect using the tools provided by social media!

I know I am a social media fiend

I started a Twitter account in December 2008 which opened my world to social media. I visited Twitter and Facebook off and on but  did not became a serious user until March 2009. In a very short time using social media I’ve learned a great deal and met some very influential people. I spoke at another franchise annual conference on social media, receive emails and calls requesting assistance and some have actually labeled me “an expert”! That is far from the truth but I am working very hard to learn as much as possible  positioning  myself as a leader in the franchise industry using social media successfully for marketing and branding.

My Twitter Friend Sue Young recently posted “You Know You’re A Social Media Fiend When ….” on her blog. Her list of 30 indicators  is hilarious and is almost spot on for me.  I thought about her  list and below is  my personal top 5 indicators that is proof I am becoming a social media fiend (and proud of it).

#1 I have panic attacks if I can’t log on to everything! (I start my day with coffee, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc)

#2 When purchasing a new handbag the criteria is first and foremost that my blackberry, Flip and digital camera fit comfortable and easily accessible.

#3 I am asked  constantly: “Are you going to  Tweet or Facebook that?”

#4 I live by the transparency rule.

#5 I shamelessly try to out tech/out social media friends and family.

Hello I am Deb and I am a social media fiend and  I don’t want to join a support group.