Since this is my first blog post I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. I am Deb Evans, President & CEO of COMPUTER EXPLORERS, the nations franchise leader providing  technology education solutions for pre-schools, private elementary and public schools, recreation centers, community centers and YMCAs.  To find out more about COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE) please visit our website www.computerexplorers. To view introduction videos of the CE Team visit our YouTube Channel

On a personal note I am a wife and mother of three adult children. This time of year as children are starting school I fondly remember our first day of school each and every year as my children left the security of our home to spread their wings and take flight into the real world. Although it is not easy watching your children grow up it is very rewarding to see them transform from children to adults making their own decisions (good or bad) and living a life of independence.

Anyone who has met me knows that I am passionite about my job with CE. I started with the franchise in 1996 in New Jersey as an instructor and purchased my own franchise in 1997. By 1999 I expanded and purchased a 2nd territory in Philadelphia. In 2004  the franchise was acquired by a Texas company I.C.E.D. (International Center for Entrepreniural Development). By August 2005 I sold my franchise and we moved to Texas where I accepted a position with the Corporate Team.

I have just celebrated my 5th anniversary with I.C.E.D and during the company meeting last week I was presented  Leader of the Quarter Award. I’m told that members of my team submitted their recommendations months ago and I honored to be recognized.

My goal for my blog is to continue to spread my wings  in social media and share my excitement, challenges, knowledge and insight to leadership and franchising. Since this is only one piece of my social media pie I  hope  to connect with you here, on LinkedIn, Facebook. YouTube, Twitter