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Jennifer MacDonald provided this little teaser video for her upcoming FranCamp session!

To learn more about the sessions at FranCamp visit this link: http://fransocialcamp.com/sessions/

There is no question that holding contests using social media can be an effective part of a marketing strategy. Social media contests with attractive prizes are very popular to attract new customers. Successful  contests will start with objectives and goals.

The organization and/or franchise offering the contest need to ask:

  1. Who is the target
  2. What incentive or prize will attract the most attention
  3. What will the budget allow

We at Computer Explorers decided to create some buzz with a contest where the winner will receive not one but two iPads. What might surprise you is the contest is not offered to the public. The contest we created is offered to the Computer Explorers franchisees.

We are in need of great marketing videos like this one we received from Malaysia, posted on the Computer Explorers Facebook page:

To create buzz about the contest  we posted our own funny video found here for the franchisees and then outlined the contest rules in our weekly communication.

We hoped to get the attention of the franchisees with the offer of iPads to be used in their programs. We did! We received enthusiastic phone calls and emails from the system indicating they will be  busy filming next week! One franchisee added to the contest and told her staff that if their video is a winner she will give the instructor an iPod Touch.

Creating buzz with contests for your customers is a great marketing strategy. I suggest you also consider creating buzz within your own organization!