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Preparing for FranCamp

We are just a few weeks away from FranCamp! There is a great deal going on behind the scenes to make this event one of the best in franchising.

Watch this video to find out who should attend

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Be a FranCamp Groupie –  link here We are collecting suggestions for our sessions. We will also use LinkedIn to continue the discussion after the event.


Bring Your Own Device! Smartphone, iPad, Laptop, Video Camera, Digital Camera…. This is a working event so have your power device with you and ready to test and use! Want to learn more about using video for marketing? There is a session for that.  Want to know how to conduct location based marketing? There is a session for that! What in the world do you do with QR codes and how do you design and read them? Guess what?! There is a session that too! Be prepared during the roundtables to whip out your devices and learn what to do with them!

Apps to download prior to arriving in Nashville

Foursquare, SCVNGR,  QR code reader and LinkedIn


Follow our tweets!  #FranCamp

Did someone say TweetUp? A social media event is not complete unless there is a TweetUp! Join us at Tasti D-Lite in Nashville on Friday October 21st.

Start preparing now! Don’t hesitate to contact me or Thomas Scott with questions.

Franchise Leadership as a Social Geek

Last week I was fortunate to spend a day in a writing seminar conducted by Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson, Founder and President of Networlding. As she says on her blog, her greatest passion is to help people write, publish, distribute and promote their books. After spending an entire day with her, I believe that is very true.

I arrived in Chicago “thinking” I could “possibly” write a book.  I needed to start somewhere so why not attend Melissa’s workshop. By the end of the day I was convinced that I “can” write a book and motivated to follow the suggestions Melissa taught. Melissa encouraged the group to calendar 15 minutes a day to writing. So far, my 15 minutes easily turns into 30 – 45 minutes and I’m enjoying it!

The hardest part is finding a title that I’m comfortable with. I could use your help! Right now, I’m settling with “Franchise Leadership as a Social Geek”.

Let me know what you think as I start working each day on the content!