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CE Attends ISTE

The annual ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) started off on a inspirational note this year!

Here are some Tweets from Cyndee Perkins, Director of Curriculum and Program Development and I today:

  •  Qualified, engaging teachers will build a core of students capable of computing and creating innovative tools: S. Rainwater
  • The emotional stability of the home is the greatest predictor of school success.
  • If you want to design an optimum learning environment based on How the brain works, you would NOT have a classroom
  • Dr. Medina (Keynote) – “Every brain is wired differently and learns differently!”
  • Dr. Medina (Keynote) – “Human learning occurs in the alleyways and boulevards – why do we put kids in classrooms?”
  •  Sitting in session where her handout of top 20 web tools is posted.
  •  Online collaborative learning needs a pedagogical change … no more “sit and get” … use interactive discourse via Twitter and Facebook.
  •   Session on Education 3.0 (Buzzword, Fad or Salvation) starting with”Wizard of Oz” music! Love the presenter’s sense of humor!
  •  Best quote of the day “plant content on your kids device” by Lucy Gray
  • High Techpectations
  •  Mobile learning and mobile media definitely technology education trend this year!
  •  Follow #edapp for tweets on educational apps
  • The future is in the “cloud”
  •  Beyond literacy to information fluency in the age of InfoWhelm!
  • 5 A’s of information fluency -ask, acquire, analyze, assess and apply
We had a full day and will be back tomorrow to unlock our potential!  Come along with us by following our Tweets  with the hashtag #CEatISTE

Connecting At A Conference

I am super excited to attend the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) annual conference next week. Cyndee Perkins, COMPUTER EXPLORERS Director of Curriculum and Program Development is also attending and we have our conference planner filled with exciting sessions and keynotes to attend!

As ISTE Corporate 100 Members there are a few events that Cyndee and I will attend together. But … we plan to divide and conquer when it comes to the sessions and the trade show so that we are covering as much as possible.

Steve Dembo aka @Teach42 on Twitter has a great blog post on “What not to do at ISTE”

Here are a few of my “what to do at ISTE”:

  1. Do your homework -Ask yourself who might be attending that you can spend time with face-to-face? Is it a LinkedIn connection? Someone you follow on Twitter? Reach out before the conference and schedule a day/time to meet. ISTE is a huge event! Don’t leave a meeting to chance.
  2. Take notes – This is a no brainer. Of course you are going to take notes but how can you take notes and share in real time? Twitter! Cyndee and I will use the conference hashtag #ISTE11 but will add our own #CEatISTE11. This will allow our community to narrow the ISTE Twitter stream to our Tweets. Use your Twitter stream when you return to write your blog post about the event.
  3. Build new relationships – Online social networking is great but now is the time to step away from the smartphone, iPad or other electronic device and shake hands. In every session I make a point of introducing myself to the people next to me. I like to ask questions and learn as much about my session neighbor as possible in a few minutes.
My iPad and laptop are ready for the trip. My iPhone is loaded with the ISTE mobile app, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Bump and QR scanner.
I’m ready to connect and hope we have the opportunity to meet!