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I love technology and I’m always excited when I can share it with the youngest member of our family, my 23 month old grandson Kace!

AJA Digital Media released Farm Joy & Co recently. The app is designed for children ages 3-6 but I just couldn’t resist testing it with our own child prodigy.

Farm & Joy Co app testing

Kace demonstrated that he could follow simple commands –  “show me the horse” and tap the screen to hear what sound the horse makes. He loves to “swipe” the screen to navigate to the next page to explore and discover.

What makes a good educational app?

  • Great visuals (clear and realistic graphics and sounds)
  • Child can launch and navigate easily
  • Child is rewarded
  • Is age and developmentally appropriate
  • Will keep the child occupied, entertained and will educate

The animal puzzles and hidden barn items are a little too difficult for him although he loved clicking and testing it. The matching game was a bit challenging for one his age but he did spend time matching and was excited when he found the cat, dog, apple, etc.  Kace did not move very far up with the levels but I did when I started playing when he was done!

Hidden Pictures

Matching Game

The app is available on iTunes and can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone. It is well worth the $1.99 and I can see where Kace will soon be able to use all the features.

Don’t forget to “like” their Facebook page and see what the other testers share and all the new fun facts that are posted.

I was once a Blackberry user and raving fan. It’s probably a great smartphone for a lot of people like my friend Dana Lopez but now that I have been an iPhone user for a few months I won’t go back!  It has become my main and sometimes only computing device!

Here are my 5 reasons why I wouldn’t do without an iPhone.

  1. Skype – I have used Skype for several years on my computer. I started by using it to do international calls with franchisees and then moved to video conference calls with franchisees and staff. Having family in several other states and a son who was recently deployed, Skype is an awesome app to conduct calls at any time on my iPhone. Here is a video of an iPhone demo using Skype:
  2. Echofon – I tried Twitter and TweetDeck for the iPhone but to date my favorite Twitter app is Echofon. I like the push notifications of direct messages, mentions, replies or if someone has favorited one of my tweets. Tweeting is very easy and allows the user to upload a photo or video instantly. Here is a good explanation of Echofon capabilities:
  3. Kindle – I loaned my daughter my Kindle because I was not using it. She absolutely loves it and won’t give it back. I decided to give the iPhone Kindle app a try it when one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin was offering one of his books for FREE via the Kindle. I am pleasantly surprised that the small screen doesn’t stop me from whipping out my phone when my schedule allows me the opportunity to read a few chapters.  Watch this short review of the Kindle iPhone app:
  4. Evernote – No longer do I carry a pad of paper and a pen with me to take notes. I love to create to do lists and since my iPhone is with me at all times I have my lists with me and I don’t have to hunt for that piece of paper! It could be a task list of things that need to be done at work or simply a grocery list. The beauty is that everything I put into Evernote is searchable. You can add tags and organize your notes into different notebooks. I’m still learning but so far it is proving to be a great resource. Here is a quick YouTube video on the benefits of Evernote:
  5. Conference apps – In February I attended the IFA (International Franchise Association) annual convention.  There was a mobile app for that! It included the schedule of events, speaker information, session’s details and more. I loved it!  In June I will be attending the ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) annual conference and I have the app downloaded and ready to use. I now find myself expecting an app for a conference or event that I attend! Eventmobi is one of many apps tradeshows and conferences

What apps are your favorites?

Is There An App Or Video For That?

My Blog Post in Franchise Business Review:

Unless you have lived in a bubble for the last few years, you know that the term “app” represents (software) application. I’m sure that Apple is responsible for the term and every other manufacturer trying to compete with Apple jumped on the band wagon to develop their apps.

There may not be an app for everything you need but most likely there is a YouTube video. There is an entire list of videos featuring apps on YouTube! YouTube is one of the largest search engines today. Many of us are guilty of saying, “I will Google that” but now I hear “let’s search YouTube.”

If you search franchising and/or starting a franchise via YouTube you will find some wonderful videos offering advice and suggestions. There are videos on: paying attention to the four legal priorities, different areas of franchising and a video by the International Franchise Association (IFA) called “Starting a Franchise: Opportunities to Start and Own A Franchise.” Blip.TV also has video that may be of interest if you are considering entering into a franchise agreement: “Expert’s Guide to Franchising”.

Incorporating video into a franchise Website and/or video blogging is a great marketing tool. An organization does not need a video expert or expensive equipment to publish their video content and drive traffic to their Website. I often use a Flip camera to upload video content or send video messages.

Video not only gives the prospect an opportunity to get to know the franchise representative but it builds a strong Web presence for the brand itself. Videos help build trust, authority and a better understanding of the personality and culture within the organization.

If you are searching for a franchise or business opportunity consider searching via YouTube. Conduct a search on the brand but don’t forget to search the key members of the organization. You may be pleasantly surprised what you find.