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This is a topic that really charges me up! Not in a good way either.

How many times do you hear someone claim they are a “social media expert” only to find out they are not social at all? In my case, too many times!

When seeking a firm or individual to help you with your social media strategies, be sure to hire someone who can not only talk the talk but actually walks the walk! Nothing angers me more than to jump on a Webinar of so called “experts” discussing SEO, blogging, Google + or Facebook setup to find their own company pages are totally blank or nonexistent!!

When I presented at FranCamp I was clear that Computer Explorers got our start in the social media world due the partnership with Gini Dietrich, CEO Arment Dietrich. She talks the talk. She walks the walk. Yes, she has 20, 283 followers on Twitter because she actually has something to say and that is why they follow her! Below is a short clip of my presentation.

AK Stout provides social media training on setting up Google +, Facebook pages, etc. And guess what!? She is active on those pages! Check out her new business page on Google +, here. Justin Brackett, VP Marketing of BizChangerZ  blogs, speaks and tweets about social media! Follow him on Twitter to learn more, here

Join us for on Social Geek Radio as Justin Bracket, AK and I discuss this topic! We would love to chat with you either in the chat room or call into the show. We are live  8pm CT/9pm ET, November 10th but it’s recorded so catch the show at your convenience. Link here

BJ Emerson was kind enough to invite me to Google+. I have asked myself if I really need one more social media platform and the answer is a resounding YES! It allows me the opportunity to test the newest and shiniest social media tool.

As I did with Facebook and Twitter, I’m listening, reading and learning as much as I can. I’m tackling Google+ as I did with the other platforms by taking one step at a time and experimenting.

Here are a few posts that have helped me on this new venture:

  • Kristi Hines of Social Media Examiner wrote “How to Get Started With Google+, Your Complete Guide” (link here) This was very helpful to me as I set up my profile and circles.
  • Gini Dietrich posted “10 Things to Consider As You Move to Goggle+ (link here). Gini says, ” make sure one of your goals is to build your database. Don’t abuse it. Don’t spam people.” That seems easy enough so it’s now my number one goal with Google+.
  • Chris Brogan’s “The Google Plus 50” (link here) I love that he asks the obvious: “Should I get in early, before anyone’s  there to bother with? If I don’t look at it for a year, will I lose ground?”
  • ReadWriteWeb posted an article written by Audrey Watters, “Google Plus: Is This the Social Tool Schools Have Been Waiting for?” (link here) This is particularly of interest for Computer Explorers as we support the education industry.
  • I’m still undecided if I should build a Google+ business page.  Jay Baer points out that smart businesses will focus on “how to be social and how to do social” in his post: “Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google Plus” (link here)
Thanks to Jason Falls I now have my Google+ URL shortener, gplus.to/debce  and you can claim yours: http://gplus.to/
I will organize my day to explore and discover the possibilities of Google+ and share what I learn along the way. If you are a Google+ user please connect with me. I would love to add you to one of my circles!

What’s Your Klout Score?

Michael Cohn,  founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CompuKol Communications LLC has a great blog post explaining Klout scores and why it is important. You can find his post here He says, “The Klout score is a metric of your total influence online. The higher your Klout score, the larger and more robust your sphere of influence. The variables that go into calculating a Klout score are interesting and important for business.”

I work hard to provide relevant content and information to my followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Klout is one resource to help me understand my true reach and  level of influence. According to Klout, I am a “Specialist” and they say “You may not be a celebrity, but within your area of expertise your opinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.”

I didn’t realize how competitive I was until I started using social media. I find myself competing for  foursquare badges with my daughter. I compete for mayorship’s with co-workers Lorri Wyndham and Charmayne Redd. I compete against Brian Conrey for leaderboard points.

The picture below represents my new  competition obsession with Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich. Her Klout score is higher than mine. You can take my word for it or you can click on the picture below to open and see that I’m 20 points behind her. She ranks as a “thought leader.” I’m satisfied at this point being a specialist with 2k followers. I don’t believe I need 18k+ followers to make a difference. But…I would like to catch up to Gini with more points and become more influential in my community!

Watch out Gini, here I come and I just might have some help from “our” friends!

Top Influencers

Earlier this year LinkedIn Groups added a few new features. One is the the ability to receive email alerts to new postings. The other is the addition of top Influencer of the Week. Per the LinkedIn blog:  “the new groups interface introduces an easy way to discover participants who truly drive the activity of the group’s discussions each week by highlighting them as “top influencers”.  This designation is given not only to those who contribute the most, but also to those whose contributions stimulate the most participation from other group members.”

I love the top influencer feature on LinkedIn and I started thinking about who my top blogging influencers are. Here are my top three:

Gini Dietrich

Spin Sucks – In my opinion, Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich  is a social media guru. Gini helped me and COMPUTER EXPLORERS understand the importance of social media. She was patient and mentored us as we started using the various platforms. She started us in the right direction of  what platforms to engage, who to follow and worked closely with me to develop a  social media tool kit for COMPUTER EXPLORERS. Gini posts daily to Spin Sucks and most days has a guest blogger. Her content is written in a conversational tone and she doesn’t hesitate to be controversial. In fact, she encourages it! Her blogs receive outstanding traffic and readers consistently leave comments. I not only learn something from the content Gini posts but often from those who leave comments!

Les McKeown

Predictable Success – Les McKeown, President & CEO is also the author of the book Predictable Success.  His book focuses on the evolution of a business and how and why some succeed and some do not. The best part of owning the book is the access to book-owners-only resources! I will admit I just logged on this week and I’m not sure what took me so long. Les believes it is a continued journey to be successful. I believe that if you subscribe to his blog he will coach you along the way. His podcasts, videos and postings provide a road map to follow on accountability, goal-setting, management tips and so much more!

Laura Graham Leonard

In My Court – Laura Graham Leonard, a local COMPUTER EXPLORERS owner writes: “A marketing activity a day keeps the creditors away. Or the ball is in my court – what am I going to do about it?” Early November Laura decided that her business growth was dependent on her marketing efforts. She committed to conducting at least one marketing effort a day and journaling her efforts until Christmas. She says that by blogging her activities daily she would be forced to focus on marketing each day and she would not be able “to hide under the bed until the economy improves.” For the most part Laura has been diligent about journaling and more importantly marketing. I’ve followed her blog reading about her challenges and successes. Christmas has arrived and I’m not surprised that she is busy with her family and taking a well deserved break. She may not be blogging but I have found her on LinkedIn and contributing to discussions. I decided to follow in Laura’s footsteps and try blogging daily for one entire week. I hope to manage my time and continue blogging through the New Year.

Who were your top influencers in 2010?

Get on The Bus!

Please click on the bus to enlarge so you can read the banner! It says “Listen in each week and learn something. Maybe” The graphic was designed from a website The Generator Blog shared by BJ Emerson during our “When In Doubt Geek It Out” segment of Social Geek Radio.

I am always energized on Fridays following Social Geek Radio. I love doing the show and last night our guest was Gini Dietrich. One of the topics we discussed was blogging controversial topics. Gini’s recent post “Attire Not Appropriate for Public Speaking” generated a lot of discussion, good and bad. I’m following the comments and for the most part I see good stimulating conversation. I admire Gini for posting a topic that she knew  would “ruffle feathers” but she posted it anyway.

What I have learned after reading Gini’s post and our conversation last night is that it’s time to get on the bus. Yes, I ride the Social Geek Radio bus weekly but I have yet to step onto the bus of Controversial Topics. My personality type according to DISC profile assessment is a high “D” and high “I”. In other words: direct, daring, domineering, enthusiastic, impulsive and persuasive. I need to transfer some of my real life personality into my social media personality and become a little daring.

As Jim Collins (author of Good to Great) says: “Greatness is not a function of circumstance, it’s a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” Collins talks about getting the right people on the bus and then know where to drive it.

I’m on-board the right bus with the right people.  I learn something new each week from BJ, Gini and so many others. It’s time to focus on my direction.

Are you on the right bus and do you know where it’s going?

I have something to admit. I played hooky from work yesterday. I felt I deserved a day to myself to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I learned quickly that I don’t always get what I want!

It started with not feeling well over the weekend. A beautiful Texas weekend with opportunities to sit in the sun to read a book, wash my car (my favorite pastime), play with the dogs, etc. Since I wasn’t feeling well none of that happened and I spent the weekend doing nothing! Monday morning arrives and physically I felt better but with lots of negative attitude. I felt cheated out of a day to myself. My team has heard me say on many occasions that if “you made the decision to come to work then you  made the decision to give 110% to your job”. I only had 10% to give so I played hooky.  The plan was to do all the fun things I didn’t get to do on the weekend.

My plans quickly disappeared when I turned on the faucet and very little water came out. The  motor to the water pump died! No water pump…no water! I immediately called the well company and they promptly arrived at 3pm. They arrived as quickly as they could and stayed as long as necessary to replace the pump. They were a very service oriented company and I have no complaints despite the wait.

So my day of hooky turned into a day of work from home. I answered emails, worked on my IFA (International Franchise Association) presentation, wrote an article for our newsletter, etc. I spent the entire day working  in my pjs (no water…no shower…no WAY I was going to work or anywhere in public).

When I returned to work today I was commit 110% to make it a good day. I had a full day which consisted of calls with franchisees, a conference call with COMPUTER EXPLORERS Curriculum & Program Development Director Cyndee Perkins and our UK international master licensee, IFA planning with techie guru BJ Emerson, a social media discussion with the social media queen herself Gini Dietrich, met with Lorri Wyndham and Charmayne Redd to brainstorm conference awards and so much more!

To top off the end of a very productive work day I arrived home in time to wash my car and play with the dogs!

I am so glad that today when I woke up I was ready to give 110% to my job. In return, I received 150% from everyone I worked with!

You can’t get much work done at 10% and a negative attitude. I believe that it is just as easy to share and spread a positive attitude as it is a negative one. I don’t play hooky much but I’m confident that when I do everyone benefits. I always return with 110% commitment and lots of attitude (positive that is).