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We Have A Winner

Judging the videos submitted by the Computer Explorers franchisees was not an easy job.  We knew at the Computer Explorers corporate team that we needed outside experts to help us. Once again, we thank Adam Enbar (HubSpot), Robin Raskin (Living in Digital Times) and Nick Powills (No Limit Media Consulting) for their help.

Some of the comments from the judges regarding the videos were:

  • I had to watch each video 3 times because it was so hard to choose (I even  consulted my wife on the final 2)!
  • The videos captured both sophisticated programming and the enthusiasm of the kids.
  •  The teacher’s narration was helpful.
  • The 2 minute clips gave  me a completely different perception of what Computer Explorers actually  does (it’s fantastic!!!).
We announced the winner on our BlogTalkRadio show Inside Computer Explorers after visiting with the franchisees and learning more about their video, the students and the location where the video was filmed.

I hope you can spare 40 minutes to listen to each of the franchisees share their excitement about their programs!

Inside Computer Explorers


Nick Powills shared this about the winners: Lori Longo and Cathy Mead:

While all participates did a great job with their videos, especially given that each video highlighted something special they created, I believe Lori and Cathy stood out above the rest. In Social Media – in order for a video to be considered Social, it must tell a story. Lori and Cathy did just that, in that they highlighted a beginning, middle and end of a project and used student testimonials and actions to support it. Additionally, it clearly highlighted an end result of working with Computer Explorers. Videos such as this one can be marketed for more business at the local level – whether in NY or in outside markets. The video also included creativity in animation – something that can be considered technologically advanced.”

Congratulations Lori and Cathy! Your iPads are in route to New York and we are anxious to see future videos and pictures of your programs.

Jennifer MacDonald provided this little teaser video for her upcoming FranCamp session!

To learn more about the sessions at FranCamp visit this link: http://fransocialcamp.com/sessions/