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Greg Pitkoff, Managing Director for GRiP Communications, LLC was the guest on Social Geek Radio last night. Greg shared his background in PR and franchising. He also revealed a new campaign he established for the upcoming IFA (International Franchise Association) convention. The campaign is called #FlatGreg

The #FlatGreg idea came as he followed the social media conversations about the  IFA Vegas Convention. Conversations were from franchise industry leaders that he is connected to on Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook. Greg heard that IFA developed a special app for the convention and downloaded it. (Click here to download.) Soon after, he was receiving emails and Tweets from people asking if he was going to be in Vegas.  Greg made a business decision not to attend IFA this year but was beginning to question it due to the rising volume of chatter surrounding IFA events and attendees.

Greg starting thinking about the International Literacy Project FlatStanley and thought that if someone were willing to take a Flat version of him to IFA he could gain some valuable exposure at the convention. When Greg was asked why he wanted to attend IFA virtually he responded with the following:

  • The internet and social media specifically creates so many opportunities to exercise creativity
  • In branding, if you have an interesting idea there are endless opportunities to build on them
  • Ideas blossom to something bigger!

I wanted to be part of the adventure! Since Greg’s first Tweet just last week I have been working with him on the #FlatGreg IFA campaign. We have added Lorri Wyndham, #FlatLorri and I expect that the three of us will have a grand time in Vegas. For this trip, what happens in Vegas will be very public. There will be #IFA Tweets, Foursquare posts and lots of photo opportunities. Please follow us! Introduce yourself. Be part of the fun.

Greg Pitkoff and Lorri Wyndham Via Coach!

If you are attending IFA in person take a minute to read this blog post by Mary Ann O’Connell, FranWise, IFA Convention: Investment or Expense. She outlines easy to implement steps to get the very best out of attendance!

Virtually or in real life…IFA convention attendance is a must!

Committed to Attend!

Virtual attendance

Virtual attendance

If you have read my previous posts you understand how excited I get about the COMPUTER EXPLORERS annual conference. What you may not realize is the level of excitement the franchisees have to attend. They look forward to the opportunity not only to attend the education sessions but they are extremely anxious to work with their peers.

This year we had several franchisees who could not attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Robin Scott, 2009 Franchisee of the Year and Franchise Advisory Council member experienced a medical emergency the day before her scheduled flight.

One of our speakers, Randy Hall was working with Robin in conference calls prior to conference. Randy got to know Robin and became very fond of her and Robin developed great respect for Randy and his expertise. Both were disappointed that they were not going to have the opportunity to shake hands and sit down together in person.

For every problem I firmly believe there is a solution and if creative enough it can be found. We could have Robin attend conference virtually! Using a laptop with video we connected Robin to sessions and moved her (the laptop) from table to table to work with various franchisees. Randy spoke to the group and engaged everyone participating including Robin! During group working sessions Robin was able to interact with the franchisees and complete the assignment that Randy gave the group.

Robin was a strong contributor and someone we would have missed terribly! It was rewarding watching franchisees run to a laptop to wave, send their best wishes and virtually hug a member of their franchise family.