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I had a “Duh”  moment this week.  Since this was a “Duh” technology moment, I  believe that I might not be alone.

Watch the short (45 second) video below from DataDoctors @MactasticGuy.

I love video Skype. I wrote this post, “Technology Makes Dreams Come True” about using Skype with my military son during his deployment. Little did I know that I could easily move the video box under the camera so we would be looking directly at one another! Seriously, how did I not know that?!

Now, if someone can tell me how to move the video box for the iPhone I’ll be in great shape!

I was once a Blackberry user and raving fan. It’s probably a great smartphone for a lot of people like my friend Dana Lopez but now that I have been an iPhone user for a few months I won’t go back!  It has become my main and sometimes only computing device!

Here are my 5 reasons why I wouldn’t do without an iPhone.

  1. Skype – I have used Skype for several years on my computer. I started by using it to do international calls with franchisees and then moved to video conference calls with franchisees and staff. Having family in several other states and a son who was recently deployed, Skype is an awesome app to conduct calls at any time on my iPhone. Here is a video of an iPhone demo using Skype: http://goo.gl/Euq0G
  2. Echofon – I tried Twitter and TweetDeck for the iPhone but to date my favorite Twitter app is Echofon. I like the push notifications of direct messages, mentions, replies or if someone has favorited one of my tweets. Tweeting is very easy and allows the user to upload a photo or video instantly. Here is a good explanation of Echofon capabilities: http://goo.gl/pkIEU
  3. Kindle – I loaned my daughter my Kindle because I was not using it. She absolutely loves it and won’t give it back. I decided to give the iPhone Kindle app a try it when one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin was offering one of his books for FREE via the Kindle. I am pleasantly surprised that the small screen doesn’t stop me from whipping out my phone when my schedule allows me the opportunity to read a few chapters.  Watch this short review of the Kindle iPhone app:  http://goo.gl/dE8ZU
  4. Evernote – No longer do I carry a pad of paper and a pen with me to take notes. I love to create to do lists and since my iPhone is with me at all times I have my lists with me and I don’t have to hunt for that piece of paper! It could be a task list of things that need to be done at work or simply a grocery list. The beauty is that everything I put into Evernote is searchable. You can add tags and organize your notes into different notebooks. I’m still learning but so far it is proving to be a great resource. Here is a quick YouTube video on the benefits of Evernote: http://goo.gl/toL9O
  5. Conference apps – In February I attended the IFA (International Franchise Association) annual convention.  There was a mobile app for that! It included the schedule of events, speaker information, session’s details and more. I loved it!  In June I will be attending the ISTE (International Society for Technology Education) annual conference and I have the app downloaded and ready to use.  http://goo.gl/6BLDp I now find myself expecting an app for a conference or event that I attend! Eventmobi is one of many apps tradeshows and conferences http://goo.gl/03NNc

What apps are your favorites?