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This is the last day of the annual International Franchise Association Convention and my brain is beginning to hurt. So much to learn. So many people to meet and network with. So many things to blog about that I don’t know where to begin!

I will start with a few quick highlights for now and details later:

  • Women’s Franchise Committee Leadership Conference – “Leading Through the New Normal: How to Define and Empower Your System” The discussions from franchise top leaders about defining your brand’s “new normal” was powerful! This is an exceptional  committee to be part of. They have a strong mission, a clear vision, effective leadership and a dedication to franchising and team work.
  • IFA TweetUp – Great attendance of new and current Twitter users! It was a pleasure to finally meet @JackMonson (Engage 121) and @Franchising411 (Matt Haller, IFA Communications Director) in real life! Both successfully use social media to promote franchising and I encourage you to follow them.
  • Technology Summit – Ken Colburn,  Chair – Social Media Task Force & Information Technology Committee at IFA did a fantastic job putting together a conference on using social media to increase sales! The keynote speaker Ford Saeks engaged the audience that are new to social media. They walked away with new insights of why and how to implement the basics. He also provided great takeaways for those that are emerged in social media.
  • Best Practices in Training: 10 Ways to Make Your Training More Fun and Impactful – It was a thrill to watch Kathy Muller shine at what she does superbly for COMPUTER EXPLORERS. Her session was full and you can read this Smart Brief post by Brooke Howell about the session.

Here is a fun video that I took during a session I was moderating on the use of YouTube. It proves that I should move in front of the camera and not behind it! The group was great and we had a wonderful time brainstorming about the use of video for lead generation and franchise support.

All of the above happened in the first two days.  I’m still digesting day three and ready to run back to the MGM Grand Convention Center for the final day of learning and networking!

Drink out of a fire hose

We’ve all heard the saying, “drinking out of a fire hose.” Some days and weeks are worse than others when there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. No matter how early I start my day or how late I continue in the evening, there will only be 24 hours in the day.

Not long ago my team completed a time analysis and listed specific tasks and the hours spent daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly on each task. We were not surprised that our 40 hour week actually consisted of 50 – 60 hours. Our work day is technically 8-5 but so often we are working evenings and weekends.  With the emergence of social technology and the ability to check email, text messages and social networks 24/7 via our Blackberry and Droids it’s a wonder we get any sleep at all. There is also the issue that everyone on my team is a dedicated control freak!

Every once in a while we stop and evaluate our time management efforts. Kathy Muller, Director Sales Training and Development spends time with all new owners conducting a time management session and it is not unusual for someone on the team to sit through the session. Kathy reviews  a chart of Important vs Urgent  with four quadrants:

  1. Do Now: Subject to confirming the importance and the urgency of these task, do these now!
  2. Plan To Do: Critical to Success – planning, strategic thinking, deciding direction and aims. Plan to do these.
  3. Reject and Explain: Scrutinize and probe demands. Help originators to re-assess. Wherever possible reject and avoid these tasks sensitively and immediately.
  4. Resist and Cease: Habitual “comforters” not true tasks. Non-productive, de-motivational. Minimise or cease altogether. Plan to avoid these.

All of the above helps us to regroup. It never hurts to close our door and post one of my favorite door hangers either. If you need one, let me know and I will be most happy to mail one to you!