Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook is one of the most powerful women today. Her presentation at a TED Women conference does not blame men for the reason there are too few women leaders.  I believe she contributes the lack of women leaders as their own fault. Her presentation encourages women to pursue leadership roles with three simple steps:

  1. be aggressive and confident – too many women under estimate their value and contributions
  2. make your partner a real partner – there needs to be a balance of sharing responsibilities at home
  3. don’t back down, continue to move forward – planning a departure before you are ready to leave is a waste of time

According to the New York Times article titled Mark Zuckerberg’s  Most Valuable Friend found here Sandberg is the driving force behind the success of Facebook. Another reason for the success  is the great working relationship of  Sandberg and Zuckerberg.

Will 2011 see a higher percentage of women in leadership roles?