I am an extrovert!

That statement is not a surprise to those that know me and understand that I am energized when I am around other people. Part of my DNA (Deb Needs Attention) is to engage in conversation rather than holed up in an office working quietly alone. I totally enjoy social situations and would choose a large network gathering over a small intimate one-on-one meeting.

When I made the decision to start Deb Evans Consulting, LLC I did so knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are and the challenges I would have working alone.

Strengths or Weaknesses

  • outgoing
  • hard charging
  • risk-taker
  • task-oriented
  •  results-oriented
  •  will make quick, emotional, instinctual, or gut-based decisions
  •  most often speaks pointedly and directly, telling it like it is
  • possess strong opinions and  often closed to any new facts and information

In my opinion the above describes my personality perfectly and the DISC personality test I took confirms it.  I scored as a high “D” (drive) and high “I” (independence) when I took the test.  I believe that all of the above are my strengths but I’m sure there are some that will argue that a few of my personality traits are a weakness.  Joe Mathews, Founder of Franchise Performance Group describes this personality as an “Action Hero” in our book Developing Peak Performing Franchisees. I don’t see myself as Wonder Woman but I can’t deny that I have the traits listed above.

Interact With The World

To compensate for working alone I interact with the world and technology allows me to do that! I can socially interact and have great conversations via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  I use Skype to work with  Joe several times a week  to edit our book and we often use Video Skype when we need to meet face-to-face. Earlier this month I met with franchise friends Kate Groom of Smart Franchise in Australia and Nick Strong from Services Direct in the UK face-to-face via Video Skype to discuss the differences of social media in our countries.

Google Hangout is another favorite technology tool. This week I reached out to Robin Scott, Computer Explorers franchise owner in North Carolina to help me test one of the hangout features. It wasn’t my intention to test the effects  and wear silly hats but we did and it was fun.

One of my weekly tasks is to leave the computer and meet individuals in the community. Earlier in the week I met with a Houston/Dallas Franchise Area Developer of a large franchise chain to discuss franchising, the IFA annual convention and other ways to get him more involved in the association. I LOVE mentoring and I am pleased that since our meeting he is well on his way to becoming a strong IFA member has enrolled in the Certified Franchise Executive program!

Shiny social technology tools will continue to distract me and because of that I won’t become bored working home alone.

Are you an extrovert or introvert and how do you successfully work from home? I’m open to new ideas and suggestions.