I should count the number of times I receive  “I thought you were on vacation” message. It pops up on Facebook chat, text message, direct message via Twitter and of course via email.

Texting on Vacation

I am on vacation but as everyone knows I belong to the bent-headed technology club. My iPhone is always tethered. It’s ready when I am to take awesome vacation pictures or respond to the text “I know you are on vacation but can you help with … ” from a franchisee.

Not long ago my vacation accrual was maxed out. I was at the use it or lose it stage. I hate to admit this but I actually lost some. I quickly realized this is insane! It was time to take a serious look at my work-life balance. No one is indispensable and with the exceptional team I have in place I am confident they can manage and make decisions without me.

A friend, Terri McCulloch, VP Sales & Marketing at Any Lab Test Now recently tagged me as a “Grandmapreneur”. For a few months I was spending Tuesdays caring for my grandson while my daughter-in-law was finishing her college degree. She could have enrolled him in a local daycare or I could spend the day bonding with him.  I couldn’t think of a better way to use my excess vacation. Technology allowed me to work virtually while performing grandma duties.  There were scheduled calls that I needed to conduct and the franchisees and/or business partners totally understood the noise in the background. In fact, there were several video Skype calls where they were able to meet him face to face!

So “yes, I’m on vacation” and having a great time! I used foursquare and checked into various locations so family,  friends and franchisees could follow my whereabouts. (I’m competing for new foursquare badges with my daughter and co-workers and earned two new ones this vacation!)

Swimmies foursquare badge

By the way, I also sent several emails, listened to a Webinar,  answered a few text messages, tweeted important event reminders, scheduled conference calls for next week, drafted a podcast … while enjoying time with my family and relaxing.

Today’s economy forces leaders to balance work and life. Sometimes it is a juggling act. With a little creativity and technology I am very productive on vacation days! I will return to work refresh and without the stress that I have a pile of work waiting for me.