I love technology and I’m always excited when I can share it with the youngest member of our family, my 23 month old grandson Kace!

AJA Digital Media released Farm Joy & Co recently. The app is designed for children ages 3-6 but I just couldn’t resist testing it with our own child prodigy.

Farm & Joy Co app testing

Kace demonstrated that he could follow simple commands –  “show me the horse” and tap the screen to hear what sound the horse makes. He loves to “swipe” the screen to navigate to the next page to explore and discover.

What makes a good educational app?

  • Great visuals (clear and realistic graphics and sounds)
  • Child can launch and navigate easily
  • Child is rewarded
  • Is age and developmentally appropriate
  • Will keep the child occupied, entertained and will educate

The animal puzzles and hidden barn items are a little too difficult for him although he loved clicking and testing it. The matching game was a bit challenging for one his age but he did spend time matching and was excited when he found the cat, dog, apple, etc.  Kace did not move very far up with the levels but I did when I started playing when he was done!

Hidden Pictures

Matching Game

The app is available on iTunes and can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone. http://bit.ly/MNlgin It is well worth the $1.99 and I can see where Kace will soon be able to use all the features.

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