This is a topic that really charges me up! Not in a good way either.

How many times do you hear someone claim they are a “social media expert” only to find out they are not social at all? In my case, too many times!

When seeking a firm or individual to help you with your social media strategies, be sure to hire someone who can not only talk the talk but actually walks the walk! Nothing angers me more than to jump on a Webinar of so called “experts” discussing SEO, blogging, Google + or Facebook setup to find their own company pages are totally blank or nonexistent!!

When I presented at FranCamp I was clear that Computer Explorers got our start in the social media world due the partnership with Gini Dietrich, CEO Arment Dietrich. She talks the talk. She walks the walk. Yes, she has 20, 283 followers on Twitter because she actually has something to say and that is why they follow her! Below is a short clip of my presentation.

AK Stout provides social media training on setting up Google +, Facebook pages, etc. And guess what!? She is active on those pages! Check out her new business page on Google +, here. Justin Brackett, VP Marketing of BizChangerZ  blogs, speaks and tweets about social media! Follow him on Twitter to learn more, here

Join us for on Social Geek Radio as Justin Bracket, AK and I discuss this topic! We would love to chat with you either in the chat room or call into the show. We are live  8pm CT/9pm ET, November 10th but it’s recorded so catch the show at your convenience. Link here