Doug Davidoff

I subscribe to many blogs. One of my favorites is The Fast Growth Blog by Doug Davidoff. His most recent post “What We Need Is Confidence” is worth the read. He says: ” In a market that lacks confidence, buyers seek those who have it.  Now is the time for you to be certain; to live the philosophy: It’s ok to be wrong, just don’t be in doubt.”

It’s hard to be a strong leader when there are so many outside influences. There are times when it is difficult to keep my chin up and hold onto the confidence I arrive with first thing in the morning. Sometimes all it takes is one email and the doubt sneaks into the day.

Not only are buyers seeking confidence but so are peers, employees, franchisees, friends … I will admit there are times that I have to dig deep and believe in myself and what I do. Yesterday I started the day with a great positive attitude until that one email arrived. I quickly started questioning myself. My confidence was challenged. But not for long!

The next email I received came from a franchisee who has followed my lead and ventured into the world of blogging. She was asking for input. I had very little to give and soon she will be posting blogs without my review. Then I received a phone call from another franchisee who has been anxiously waiting news (good or bad) on a proposal on a new program we are offering. In fact, I have been anxiously waiting for news on the proposal and pleased that I was one of the first calls he made. Oh, it was good news too!

On Monday I recorded a short podcast for the system on the advantages of Google+. As hard as it is to believe, I have a few franchisees who still consider any social platform as a productivity drain. Late in the day, I received a notice that I had been circled by a franchisee who has resisted social media. That notification made my day! He/she may not have agreed with my rationale but at least it’s being tested for themselves.

It’s early and I am starting today with a positive attitude, a strong belief in myself and confidence that I can accomplish what I set out to do. It’s possible that outside influences may try to derail my direction but I will remember what Doug has said: “it’s ok to be wrong, just don’t be in doubt.” Thanks Doug!