Inside Computer Explorers Weekly Hosts

Inside Computer Explorers is our new BlogTalkRadio show representing the brand. The show  airs each Thursday, 8am Pacific/10am Central/11am Eastern. It will be hosted by Cyndee Perkins, Curriculum and Program Development Director; Lorri Wyndham, Computer Explorers Operations Manager and Me!

In a recent communication to the Computer Explorers franchisees Lorri explained that Inside Computer Explorers “will not become an extension of Deb’s Social Geek Radio show. As much as I like her show; we need ours to be different. Each week we will discuss current topics and trends in technology education. This show is a natural extension of our newsletters.

If you are interested in becoming a guest please contact us. We are also interested in your feedback and suggestions for topics.

We are very excited to give you a peek  Inside Computer Explorers weekly.  Please connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and now on  Google+.