Inspire Change, Engaging your Franchise Company with Social Media is my session at the upcoming FranCamp: Franchising Goes Social event to be held in Nashville, TN.

Here is my session description:

How do you get your entire organization to buy into social media? What is the potential if everyone from the home office to the franchise locations to employees begin to use social media? Amazing things start to happen: better customer relations, better brand awareness.

Deb is a firm believer that to motivate you have to be motivated. The economy and franchise budgets are still hurting.  Everyone has been affected by the downturn of the economy but what franchisors did during the downturn varies. Deb approached social media and yes jumped on that bandwagon looking for innovative and creative ways to leverage social media to position COMPUTER EXPLORERS. Success does not happen overnight and it does not happen alone. It is a team effort starting from the top of the franchise system involving the corporate team and filters through to franchisees and evidentially to the customers.

Social media takes time and sometimes money but first it needs to be understood, by the leader. The small business owner or franchisee with one or two employees is a leader. The multi-unit franchisee is a leader as well as the franchisor. Every leader needs to make the business decision if social media should play a role in their organization marketing plan. Whether the decision is to outsource or use someone in house for social media marketing, the leader needs to be enthusiastic about the use of social technologies. More importantly, the leader needs to make the decision about how and what to leverage. Not all social technology platforms will fit and not all will bring a return.

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by what you think you know. Successful businesses today require creativity, innovation and the ability to change. Deb will share openly how she approached the use of social media when it was still uncharted waters, the resistance she received from franchisees and the path and tools developed to turn skeptics to enthusiasts.

We have a great line up of speakers, panelists and attendees. I love sharing what I have learned and I hope I can inspire others. To learn more visit: