Sometimes what seems a little  ridiculous turns out to be a pretty darn good idea.

Melissa Giovangnoli-Wilson

It all started with the Social Geek Radio Show: Networlding and the Science of Social Networking (link here). Our guest was Melissa Giovangnoli-Wilson Founder of Networlding and author of 11 books including Networlding which was #10 on Amazon for one year. She was convinced that both AK Stout and I have stories to tell. We couldn’t argue that fact. What took us by surprise was Melissa suggesting that we tell our stories by publishing! Really? Write a book?

She asked that we at least consider attending her “Book Writing Workshop”” in Chicago. Guess what? We are and we are committed to writing our own books! AK has decided that her book will be: Social Networking Your Way to Your Career: A College Student’s Guide to Using Social Media To Land a Job. She has actually started writing it! Visit her Facebook page to learn more:

My book will be called: Franchising Goes Social. I started a  LinkedIn group where you can post your suggestions and topics that should be covered! To prepare for writing the book,  I am working with AK Stout, Thomas Scott (Brand Journalist) and Jack Monson (Engage 121) to host the first Franchising Goes Social BootCamp. Our goal is to provide educational content in a one day hands-on session in Nashville, TN October 22nd. We want every attendee to walk away with best practices and clear action steps to implement. Topics will include but not limited to: SEO practices and visibility, social loyalty programs, social media policies and legal issues, lead generation, etc.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn and contribute your thoughts and suggestions for both the BootCamp and the new book. It’s a work in progress and I can use a little help from my friends!