In prep for the guest appearance of Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media on Social Geek Radio, I purchased his new book Likeable Social Media and received an advanced eBook copy. (You can listen to the broadcast here)

Looking through the chapters listed below you may assume it’s just another social media book. It is but Dave outlines not only the why but the how with a list of action items at the end of each chapter.

  1. Listen First, and Never Stop Listening
  2. Way Beyond “Women 25 – 54” Define Your Target Audience Better Than Ever Before
  3. Think And Act Like Your Customer
  4. Invite Your Customers To Be Your First Fans
  5. Engage: Create True Dialogue with, And Between Your Customers
  6. Respond Quickly To Bad Comments
  7. Respond To The Good Comments, Too
  8. Be Authentic
  9. Be Honest And Transparent
  10. Should You Ask A Lot Of Questions?
  11. Provide Value (Yes, For Free!)
  12. Share Stories (They’re  Your Social Currency!)
  13. Inspire Your Customers To Share Stories
  14. Integrate Social Media into the Entire Customer Experience
  15. Use Social Networks For Greater Impact
  16. Admit When You Screw Up, Then Leverage Your Mistake
  17. Consistently Deliver Excitement, Surprise, And Delight
  18. Don’t Sell! Just Make It Easy And Compiling For Customers To Buy

Dave explains that it’s not about you, it’s about the customer. He lists the top 10 reasons consumers will “like” a Facebook page and where to provide your value proposition to “like” you as many places as possible. He lists 11 places where you can integrate the call to action to your customers.

Likeable Social Media answers these questions and several others that I had: How do I use target marketing in the various social media platforms? What are brand ambassadors and how do I “activate” them? How should I ask discussion generating questions? How do I integrate social media across all your customer-facing departments?

My recommendation is to read the book but if you decide not to then I encourage you to connect with Dave via Twitter, Facebook and/or his blog!


Twitter @davekerpen or @likeablemedia