There was considerable amount of discussion last week about Apple iPhone and Google Androids tracking the whereabouts of users. It made me think about my use of Foursquare and Facebook Places and how I post my whereabouts for all to see! I totally agree with what Ken Colburn said on My Fox Phoenix  regarding the situation. He said the line of privacy is between “when we decide to put the information out there and when someone else decides to gather the information on our behalf.”

Computer Explorers corporate office is northwest of Houston. Just 30 minutes from downtown. First time visitors are always surprised by our location and the beautiful 100 acre setting at Northwest Forest Conference Center. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that I don’t have to drive through the downtown traffic. One of the first things I do when I arrive at work is checkin on Foursquare. I love to compete for the title of Mayor with Lorri Wyndham, Charmayne Redd and Cheryl Phillip!

Here is a quick video of my drive down Kwik Kopy Lane. Forgive the sound of the wind and the bouncing of the camera when I drive over the speed bumps in my convertible!

I have written about our culture of fun and how much I respect and enjoy working with the COMPUTER EXPLORERS corporate team. I have not described our offices and the close proximity we are to each other. Here is a quick tour of our offices.

Please come visit us at 12715 Telge Road, Cypress, TX 77355. I would love to give you a complete tour of the facility. If you checkin on Foursquare there is a free gift waiting for you!.