Actual Batcave

We have a saying  that our IT  team hides in the batcave. They work behind a secure door that very few know the combination to open. In order to be heard, you must knock loudly over the hum of the servers. They rarely come out. Why bother since most of their work can be taken care of sitting in front of their computers. When they do emerge from the batcave they are seen texting as they quickly rush to a technology crisis.

You would think that as President & CEO of a technology education franchise I would have very few technology challenges. You would think. When technology does challenge me I view it as a crisis. I’ve always said my laptop is my left hand and my smartphone is my right. Without one of them I simply can’t function. Sad but so very true.

I didn’t have an epic technology crisis this week but there were challenges. I was able to work around each challenge.  The IT batcave dwellers came to my rescue before my challenges turned into a crisis.

I know who lives in our batcave. Cassidy, Norm and Josh work extremely hard to keep our technology functioning. They are IT professionals, dedicated, hard working and have a wonderful sense of humor.

Cassidy, Norm and Josh

Who lives in your batcave and have you thanked them lately?