IFA QR Bar Code

You never know what “aha moment” for one will become an avalanche of aha moments.  During one of the COMPUTER EXPLORERS conference presentations  QR codes were mentioned. Very innocently one franchisee raised their hand and openly admitted they did not know what a QR (Quick Response) code was. That’s one of the things I love about the COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees. They are not afraid to ask a question.  This time there were several franchisees that were unfamiliar with QR codes. As a group they were very interested in how they could apply QR bar codes to their business.

We took a minute away from the scheduled presentation and I explained that Graphic Management designed stickers linking to the  IFA (International Franchise Association) Website which I distributed as part of my recent presentation at the annual convention.

We also discussed how QR codes can be coded with  contact information. The 2D bar code can be scanned by a smartphone and the contact information then can be saved directly into the phone!

With a few key strokes and less than 5 minutes I created by own  QR code by using the open source –   ZXing Link here

QR Code with Deb Evans contact information

How to generate a QR code was not part of the conference agenda. That did not stop the franchisees from networking and learning together.  During breaks and in the evening I would find franchisees huddled together with their smartphones designing their own QR codes and discussing ways to implement.

Sometimes the best sessions are those that are not planned and actually cause a frenzy of learning.