COMPUTER EXPLORERS Conference Attendees

Every organization has a culture. It may evolve and change over the years. As leaders of the organization change and employees leave and are replaced the culture may change.

Over the weekend I participated in my 16th COMPUTER EXPLORERS conference. Many things have changed over the years: our management, our geographic location of our headquarters, franchisees, corporate staff, etc.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our culture. Our  commitment, trust, customer focus and most of all fun are still characteristics of the COMPUTER EXPLORERS culture!

We opened our conference as we have over the last few years with an entertaining video. Sometimes there is a theme or a story to tell. This year our goal was simple. We wanted to laugh at ourselves with our franchisees. “CT” our Computer Turtle mascot opened the video with out-takes of previous videos.

I hope you enjoy it as our franchisees did.