Lorri Wyndham

Meet Lorri Wyndham, the Tiara wearing COMPUTER EXPLORERS Operations Manager. Lorri accomplished a monumental task organizing the COMPUTER EXPLORERS Un-Conference. For weeks she worked on the details to organize a conference that would provide an opportunity for the franchisees to gather, network and share their wealth of information and learn from one another.

Lorri is known as a extremely organized, control freak making sure every single detail is handled flawlessly. I’m sure there were minor breakdowns but it was undetected by the attendees. What was observed were clear goals and objectives for conference, transportation organized, meals coordinated, meeting room set up, AV organized, door prizes, vendor invitations ….

As President & CEO I am receiving congratulations for one of the best conferences in COMPUTER EXPLORERS history.

The success of this conference goes to Lorri and the franchisees that attended! Lorri’s labor of love in planning and the franchisees determination to grow their business was captured in the video below created by Thomas Scott, Brand Journalist.

Must watch short video here