A brand ambassador is a current term used for individuals that promote a brand to the public. Brand ambassadors are very familiar with the product or service and they have a desire and motivation to share their knowledge to generate excitement. Most times they are individuals not affiliated with the brand/organization.

Some companies like Fiskars have quite an elaborate ambassador program. If you are interested in starting a social media brand ambassador campaign read this post: Ten Tips for Using Brand Ambassadors In A Social Media Campaign which should be helpful.

In my opinion, before starting a campaign outside of the brand I believe a brand must have ambassadors within the organization. In a franchise system the ambassadors should begin with the franchisees and the franchisees employees.

At the end of the week COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees will arrive for their annual conference. As I mentioned in an earlier post we are approaching this conference differently. We have  invited the best of our best, “our brand ambassadors”  to moderate sessions. These are franchisees that excel in business, are passionate about sharing their success and as Wikipedia states, “are  people who have the potential to appeal to the desires of the participants and strengthen their relationship with the brand.”

The video below represents a few of the COMPUTER EXPLORERS brand ambassadors.

Who are your brand ambassadors?