Poke the Box

Last night on Social Geek Radio, AK Stout shared that she is part of Seth Godin’s Domino Project! AK is one of less than 100 individuals that received Godin’s new book Poke the Box. As a member of the project she has enthusiastically read Poke the Box and highly recommends that everyone pre-order.  It will be released on March 1st but if you order before the public release, it is only $1 for the Kindle Edition!

AK is a subscriber to Godin’s blog and newsletter. She decided to apply to be a member of the “Street Team” and was very surprised to learn that her application was accepted. AK indicated that she is very impressed with the bios of the other members and believes that she is ” not in the same league.” I found this link to the other members of team. Yes, very impressive but I am confident that AK is a perfect fit for the team and will make valuable contributions!

AK is very excited to be part of the project and I’m equally excited for her. Our audience is excited too! During the show I received text messages and Twitter DMs from our listeners that they were ordering the book. We announced that we will use the Social Geek Radio Facebook page as a discussion board as we start reading Poke the Box!

If you are a Seth Godin fan or if you have never heard of Seth Godin now is the time to join his fan club! Order the Kindle version before March 1st by clicking here If you do not own a Kindle you can download the smartphone app as I did. Be ready to start reading March 1st and join us in the book review discussion on Facebook!

We can be the extended Street Team and be part of the Domino Project!