My blog post for Franchise Business Review:

When a franchisee steps outside of training they are usually the chief executive officer of everything! In theory, a new franchisee could perform each and every task impeccably themselves without any outside resource. As chief executive officer of everything they will fill the roles of: payroll officer, marketer, sales representative, trainer, purchase agent, accountant, administrator, human resources and many more.

Where does the chief executive officer of everything call in reinforcements? As the business grows the franchisee will realize what functions need to be delegated to someone else. Even the most talented franchisees/business owners need help: developing an action plan, growing their business, accountability, thinking creatively in business, implementing new projects, team building, and making decisions when the stakes are very high, etc.

I believe that every franchise/business owner needs a professional business coach in order to improve performance, leadership and profitability. It’s vital to find a coach with experience in the field or specific discipline in order to provide the right guidance. The coach needs to be an expert in professional development and someone you can feel you can trust and work with comfortably.

David HandlerDavid Handler, Founder, SuccessHandler Executive Coaching says, “Leaders typically understand how to set goals and execute strategy. Challenges arise from failing to recognize how others see you. Thus, your biggest opportunity for improvement is to have an executive coach hold up a mirror that provides insight into your attitude and approach.”

As my coach, David inspires me to succeed and helps me understand what changes must be made. He doesn’t provide all the answers but asks all the right questions. He encourages my creativity and as a trusted advisor will guide me through my strategic thinking and set me on the right path. I am comfortable to share issues with my coach that I cannot share with others knowing that he is non-judgmental. The most valuable asset of a good business coach is the ability to not only share successes but also failures. As a good listener and someone who is genuinely interested in my success my coach helps me understand what went wrong and how to move in a positive direction.

Vistage International says coaching “is about improving your performance so your company can perform better. It’s about continuous, accelerated, practical learning-more lasting than any onetime workshop of any flavor-of-the-day business book-and about turning your good intentions into great results.”

I enjoy my role as CEO of COMPUTER EXPLORERS. I have an excellent team and a business coach so I don’t have to fill the role of chief executive office of everything.