This week Lorri Wyndham and I will host the International Franchise Association (IFA) – Houston Franchise Business Network (HFBN) meeting on Thursday January 20th.

Social Media for Business – What’s Next?

As many companies find themselves Tweeting and Facebook-ing to some marketing success, the arrival of new technologies and strategies in 2011 brings a slew of fresh business opportunities on the social Web.

Katie Laird

Join Katie Laird from Schipul – The Web Marketing Company ( as she walks us through the basics of location based marketing and social media advertising.

To register and learn more about the event follow this link

The next big IFA event will be February 13-16th in Las Vegas. IFA’s 51st Annual Convention will most likely be attended by over 3k individuals in the franchise industry!  IFA is the world’s largest organization representing worldwide franchising. Keynote Speakers this year are Mitt Romney and Steve Forbes and will be held in the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. A list of some of the franchise companies that attend the convention can be found here There are countless franchise industry experts that share their knowledge and best practices in panel presentations, interactive round-table sessions and one-on-one discussions. Whatever your franchise size, the IFA convention offers educational sessions that will meet your particular needs.

The electronic brochure is available linked here providing you the opportunity to decide what round-table sessions and education seminars to attend. Hopefully, I will see you during the technology summit or executive business solution round-table sessions that I will be moderating. If you are interested in what is “Beyond Facebook: Reaching Your Unique Audience Where They Live Online” then attend my session with Jon Carlston, Ken Colburn and BJ Emerson!

With any big event today there is always a TweetUp in the works. Thanks to the help of  one of the top influencers on Twitter, Scott Stratten, author UnMarketing I am working on a epic #IFA event with Jack Monson, Engage 121! Watch and mark your calendar to meet franchise industry Twitter leaders.

IFA 2011