Home Office

Prospects ask me all the time what is involved to own and operate a franchise. They are often confused when I tell them they will operate from their “home office.”

One attractive aspect of COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE)  franchise is that it is a home-based business. This does not mean it has to be run out of your home; it means a franchise owner is not required to lease commercial space. With CE, you simply don’t assume the risk of signing a long-term commercial lease for professional retail or office space.

This can save you thousands in your first year of operation; a normal lease can cost $12-20,000 a year plus the cost of furniture and improvements. That’s money you’ll save by running a smart and lean business out of available space in your home. It’s also a good reason home-based businesses are thriving in today’s economy.

Those who are entrepreneurs and have run a business from home likely know what a home office is and understand how it works. For those without such experience, the idea can be confusing.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is an on-site business and in many ways, it is a mobile business. We provide education services on site at schools, day care facilities and recreation centers. We bring what we do to our customers so they don’t have to come to us.

When you open your COMPUTER EXPLORERS  franchise, most of your teachers will be subcontractors. They’ll pick up the equipment they need from you. Your home office will need storage for the equipment – laptops, projectors and iPads used in CE courses. With electronic equipment, climate control is important so the gear can’t be stashed in the trunk of the car, garage or attic.

Much of your work will be on the phone and on the Internet. You’ll need desk space and file storage for your records. You’ll need a fax machine, phone lines, printer and high-speed Internet access. For many people, buying a communications bundle from your cable company that includes phone and Internet makes the most sense.

A spare bedroom, bonus room, flex room or den works great. Using a home office significantly reduces your costs, too. Ask your accountant or other financial advisor about tax savings you might be eligible for if you do use a room in your home for your CE office.

Clients don’t come to your office; you meet them where they work. A CE home office does not need a reception area or meeting room, but it does need to be a place where you can work productively. If your home is full of distractions, you might want to explore an executive suites or coworking spaces, which provide a business address and a small suite or desk along with access to a conference room and other amenities.

To start, talk with COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchisees and ask about their office space. Did they start out in a home office and move to an executive suite? Are they still in a home office? Why? What works for them and what doesn’t?

One size does not fit all, and a COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchise is flexible. It easily can be run from home, which is the most affordable option. It can be run from an office or executive suite. We leave that choice up to you.

Could you work from a home office?