My Blog Post in Franchise Business Review:

Unless you have lived in a bubble for the last few years, you know that the term “app” represents (software) application. I’m sure that Apple is responsible for the term and every other manufacturer trying to compete with Apple jumped on the band wagon to develop their apps.

There may not be an app for everything you need but most likely there is a YouTube video. There is an entire list of videos featuring apps on YouTube! YouTube is one of the largest search engines today. Many of us are guilty of saying, “I will Google that” but now I hear “let’s search YouTube.”

If you search franchising and/or starting a franchise via YouTube you will find some wonderful videos offering advice and suggestions. There are videos on: paying attention to the four legal priorities, different areas of franchising and a video by the International Franchise Association (IFA) called “Starting a Franchise: Opportunities to Start and Own A Franchise.” Blip.TV also has video that may be of interest if you are considering entering into a franchise agreement: “Expert’s Guide to Franchising”.

Incorporating video into a franchise Website and/or video blogging is a great marketing tool. An organization does not need a video expert or expensive equipment to publish their video content and drive traffic to their Website. I often use a Flip camera to upload video content or send video messages.

Video not only gives the prospect an opportunity to get to know the franchise representative but it builds a strong Web presence for the brand itself. Videos help build trust, authority and a better understanding of the personality and culture within the organization.

If you are searching for a franchise or business opportunity consider searching via YouTube. Conduct a search on the brand but don’t forget to search the key members of the organization. You may be pleasantly surprised what you find.