The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” is attributed to an African proverb. Author Jane Cowen-Fletcher published a book with the same title in 1994. She wrote about a young African girl who searches for her brother and realizes that an entire village was watching over him.

Over the weekend my young grandson was ill with a respiratory infection. My son and daughter-in-law were capable of taking care of him at home but decided to let his village help and stayed with us over the weekend.

As I prepared to return to today,  I started thinking about my village or tribe at COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE). I am very fortunate to have a strong team of individuals that work together to support the franchise. They are amazing individuals and together an exceptional tribe. So who are they and why are they exceptional? Is it their passion, motivation and dedication to make the brand successful? Is it their ability to work as a team to complete goals and meet expectations? It is all of the above and so much more!

Cyndee Perkins

Cyndee Perkins: Cyndee has been an educator both in public and private schools, an advocate of using technology in the classroom since the “early days” of student-produced videos. Cyndee, with her husband Perk, became a CE franchisee in 1992. She and Perk moved to VA in 1996, where she held a position in Franchise Services at the corporate office until relocating to Texas in 2004. Her current position is Director of Curriculum and Program Development. Responsibilities include the development and program delivery of all CE products, franchise support and writing the corporate education blog.

Lorri Wyndham

Lorri Wyndham: Lorri has been working with the ICED Corporation (parent company of CE) for the last several years, in operations, training and support of new owners. In 2009, she was elected Employee of the Year by her colleagues. She has been a moderator for a social media panel at the International Franchise Association (IFA) international conference. She is currently working on a University degree in Business Management, as well as her certification as an IFA Certified Franchise Executive. Responsibilities include managing the CE social media marketing and Website development, has written social media professional development courses for teachers and for military veterans, and is responsible for CE internal franchise communications. In addition, Lorri writes Computers & Kids, a newsletter for preschool parents focusing on activities (both on and offline) to build parent/child relationships and enhance preschool learning.

Kathy Muller

Kathy Muller: Kathy has over twenty years of experience in training and personnel/organizational development. Kathy has over fifteen years of experience as an adult leader trainer. She has been an instructor for the Center for Corporate Training & Development at North Harris College and a guest instructor for Drug-Free Business Houston. She maintains professional relationships with several outside sales and marketing specialists, and brings up-to-date techniques to training classes and counseling sessions. Responsibilities include working with members of the several brands in the ICED community of franchises, developing processes to aid them in their sales and marketing efforts.

Other key individuals such as the curriculum writers, Director of Advertising, Franchise Development, Accounting, Legal …. too many to list here with their photos and bios.

Do you know anyone in my tribe and have something to add? Do you have a tribe you would like to share?