Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Robin Raskin, a long time friend of COMPUTER EXPLORERS and founder of Living in Digital Times. Robin is so many things and has accomplished so much in her 30+ years of involvement with technology. Here is a brief bio: conducted monthly TV tours with appearances on NBC Early Show, Live with Kelly and Regis, etc. She’s been the Editor in Chief of FamilyPC, editor of PC Magazine, and columnist for USA Today Online. Robin has authored six books for Random House, Simon and Schuster and Hyperion!

Here is  fun video of Robin with Warren Buckleitner in search of Computer Visionary for Kids@Play

Our conversation on Social Geek Radio focused on digital kids and digital citizenship. Robin believes we need to teach our children and students when and how to communicate. Life as we knew it with technology no longer exists and we need to be responsible adults, educators and software developers to keep our children safe and provide the proper tools needed.

Robin discussed Togetherville as a Facebook, Jr. site where kids can be part of a social environment and connect with chosen friends (approved by parents) and play games in a secure online environment. This is a site that helps ties families together.

Robin also discussed Zoodles, another safe online environment for families. Zoodles Storybook feature allows you to record yourself reading a classic story and the child can watch the reading as many times as they wish in their Playground. The COMPUTER EXPLORERS Technology Tuesday blast earlier this month reported that Zoodles launched their new mode for Android phones calling it “Kid Mode.” With their free Kid Mode app (available now in the Android Market), children 8 and under will have access to hundreds of age-appropriate games and videos. Parents will be able to relax knowing that their kids will no longer accidentally make calls, send emails or delete apps.

Robin shared a great deal on Social Geek Radio and o learn more about Robin, her conferences, exhibits, blog, and newsletters connect to her site

Watch this video of Robin with First Business Morning News discussing technology and how it helps kids learn by clicking here

If you want a free copy COMPUTER EXPLORERS Internet Safety Book for kids (ages 9-11) click on this link

Kids today live in a digital world and need to learn from us about internet safety and how to be good digital citizens!