We have all heard the phrase “It’s not personal, it’s business” but is it really? I don’t know about you but I build strong personal working relationships with my peers, team, franchisees, vendors, customers and business partners.  Due to the business working relationship friendships develop.

What happens if the business needs a separation or a termination? Personally, you still respect the individual and company but it’s no longer a good fit for your business? In the last few months I have experienced this particular dilemma. It is a very uncomfortable and stressful  situation but if handled openly and honestly the personal relationship is not affected.

The approach I take is to address the business principals that were originally established. The relationships I build are based on trust and mutual benefit. With a strong sense of trust both parties realize that the mutual benefit may no longer exist.  For the betterment of all parties a new strategy must be implemented and the separation is amicable.

It’s not personal, it’s business but it’s not always easy to separate the two.