Friends Kathy and Chris with Pete Rose


While visiting Las Vegas this week I stumbled upon Field of Dreams store where Pete Rose was signing autographs. I was with friends Chris and Kathy. We lived in New Jersey for years and it was great fun to meet up in Las Vegas and spend time together. Chris and Kathy are big sports fans and the opportunity to meet Pete Rose was exciting for them. There was a small hitch to meeting Mr. Rose.  There was a requirement of a purchase of a baseball for $99, shirt for $329 or his book which I think was $200. Chris was ok with the requirement and was happy to purchase a souvenir baseball in order to meet Mr. Rose.

While Chris was making his purchase I stood just a few feet from Mr. Rose who not once acknowledged me. The Field of Dreams store representative on the other hand greeted me with a big warm smile. He opened a conversation asking about my visit and shared some great tips about Vegas and points of interest. We even discussed Foursquare as I was checking in and he was totally interested as I demonstrated how to add the venue. Mr. Rose sat staring at the flat screen monitor intently watching a football game completely ignoring us.

When Chris and Kathy presented the baseball and introduced themselves they barely received a handshake. I was the official paparazzi ready to take great photos of Chris and Kathy enthusiastically meeting one of baseball greats. There I stood with camera in hand asking Mr. Rose if he could “please smile” for the camera. It took him what seemed like minutes to tear his eyes away from the TV screen to look up at the camera! What I captured was a forced smile from a self-centered individual who didn’t show any appreciation for his fans wanting only to meet him.

The saying “smile and the whole world smiles with you” doesn’t always apply. The smile needs to be sincere!