Wilma Flinstone

I started my day with a little anxiousness knowing that tomorrow, Friday October 1st COMPUTER EXPLORERS is rolling out our new Website. It’s technology so I expect a hiccup or two and possibly a few burps in the day. Cyndee Perkins says she is hyperventilating in her M&M bags. Maybe if she just keeps eating M&Ms she will be fine. Lorri Wyndham said her eye is twitching so I will share my reading glasses with her and she too will be fine.

When I opened Google and saw the new Doodle celebrating The Flinstone’s 50th Anniversary I was reminded why I’m glad I’m not Wilma Flinstone living in the Stone Age! I love our Digital Age and all the available digital tools available.

I have confidence in the development team (mUrgent) and the marketing team (St. Jacques) that worked hard to get us to this point. I am also confident that the franchisees will give it their all to update their pages adding searchable content so their communities can find them. Most of all I believe in the corporate team to get through every hiccup and/or burp with ease.

Yes, I plan to have a “Yabba Dabba-Doo Day”!