I have developed a love for sharing what I have learned with others. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social technology platforms have made this easy for me.

Something that doesn’t come naturally is having my picture taken, speaking to a video camera and public speaking. But…it’s getting easier! When I first joined COMPUTER EXPLORERS in the support role the current President forced me step out of my comfort zone. He constantly threw me in front of the video camera and audiences. He knew that I would accept almost any challenge and of course everything gets easier with practice and repetition.

What I’ve learned and would like to share are a few hints that has helped me to connect with my audiences:

  • Know your audience: When I’m asked to speak as a subject matter professional (I don’t like to use the word “expert”) it’s easy to share what I know.  The skills I share are transferable from one franchise brand to the other but I like to have a basic understanding of the audience and their specific challenges. It is important to me to match the content and skills to their needs.
  • Connect with your audience: I like to do as much research as possible about the attendees. This isn’t as difficult as it might seem if you use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. When speaking to a specific organization and/or franchise it’s easy to research the brand and find individuals that are connected. I like to reach out and build as many connections as I can via Twitter and LinkedIn. If there is an organization Facebook page I “like” it.
  • Use video messages: I always ask if the organization I’m speaking to uses a monthly communication tool. Most distribute eNewsletters on a regular basis and can easily share a video message. I often use my flip camera and film a very short introduction clip with my contact information and invite attendees to connect to me prior to my presentation.

Those are my three tips to engaging with your audience. What are yours?