Scott Stratten @UnMarketing was one of the first individuals I started to follow on Twitter when I joined in December 2008. He makes me smile. No, actually he makes me laugh out loud! In January 2009 Scott started his 30-day Twitter challenge. As he says in his book he ate, breathed and almost slept on Twitter. He called it “tweeting horizontally.” He literally filled my twitter stream. I learned a lot about Twitter by following Scott but I was also entertained. I remember one day he tweeted that he would be tweeting live via UStream (live video streaming) from his local coffee shop and answering questions. I logged on and was pleasantly surprised that his IRL (in real life) personality was the same as his on-line personality! It was so cool to see and hear Scott as he read through tweets from the audience.

Office fight over UnMarketing book

Lorri Wyndham aka @LorriW heard about the new  UnMarketing Stop Marketing. Start Engaging before I did and actually placed the order. But since she was still reading Delivering Happiness, A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose by Tony Hsieh, I thought it appropriate that I win the tug-of-war and read Scott’s book first.

In the chapter, How Twitter Changed My Business, Scott outlines what really worked for him and I believe actually worked for me too:

  1. Tweet constantly: Not that we would want to tweet 7,000 times in a month as Scott did in his 30 day Twitter challenge,  he makes a very good point about consistency and tweeting when you have something to say. “No one can tweet too much or too little because it’s your account. You can’t try to cater to certain followers because they don’t like your frequency” said Scott. Your focus should be on those that are following you, not who have left you.
  2. Tweet quality: Scott tweets great Twitter tips. He lives by “give before you expect to get” and it shows in his tweets. I know the tips he provided during the 30 day Twitter challenge helped me as a beginner.
  3. Tweet retweetable content: Having your tweets retweeted helps to build followers but it gives credibility to your original tweet. Besides his song had me rolling when I first heard it. Listen to it here
  4. Be authentic: Scott says it is a “fancy way of saying be yourself.” He points out that you don’t always need to talk business. People want to get to know the person behind the tweet. His unique personality + tweets is why I am a raving fan of @unmarketing (Scott).
  5. Use a face picture: Scott points out how wonderful it is to meet someone at an event that you haven’t met in person before. It’s even better when you recognize them because of their picture and you have engaged on-line. If you are using a logo for your tweets you are missing the opportunity to have someone recognize you and strike up a conversation. I love attending networking events and it’s great to meet people I have connected to on-line. I often hear “I recognize you from your avatar!”

UnMarketing is a great book and I have purchased extra copies to give as drawings to my speaking events and to my franchisees that attend our annual conference. It’s that good!